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Lost In Myth: Ep 4.1 “Beginning of the End” (2008-1-31)

800px-4x01_being_a_babyJust as predicted in “The Myth of Lost,” not all of the castaways have made it off the island—at least not this time. Apparently, there are only six, and my guess is that all of them will need to go back if they want to be cured.

Lost In Myth: LOST’s Missing Pieces (2008-1-28)

Opening_sequenceThirteen webisodes/mobisodes that were released weekly from November 2007 to February 2008 on (and Verizon mobile phones). Running between 1:22–3:27 in length, each mobisode filled in a gap in the story from LOST’s first three seasons. Episodes can now be found on YouTube. What follows below is the name of each episode, a brief description, and some points on how it fits in with the simulation theory presented in “The Myth of Lost.”