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How To Change Your Baby’s Diaper (2014-2-14)

020214LATBCBriennaDiaperChangeThumbnailIn this Layman’s Answers to Baby Care episode, the Layman demonstrates best practices for changing your baby’s diaper along with some fascinating mythological and spiritual fun-filled facts thrown in! Learn the simple trick that makes diaper changing super-quick, what NOT to use on your baby that was likely used on you, and the hidden truth about Disney princesses that makes their likeness perfect for disposable changing sheets!

How To Bottle Feed Twins Pts. 1-3 (2013-10-24)

130901LATBC2TwinFeedingThumbnailIn this Layman’s Answers to Baby Care episode*, the Layman shows how to effectively feed twin babies simultaneously! Learn how to mix formula with less gassy bubbles; prepare formula in one daily batch; how to decipher baby babble cues for hunger, burping, and more; times and amount of feedings, options for propping up babies, option for hands-free feeding, burping best practices, easiest ways to record baby feeds, and learn about the Indiana Jones Switcheroo!

How To Create A Space-Saving Baby Nursery (2013-9-15)

How To Swaddle & Calm Your Baby (2013-8-5)