Diary of a Layman #8 (Autumn 2007): Careful What You Wish For


the_truman_show-front_divxWhat if you were the only real person in this world and everyone and everything else was just some kind of simulation created to help give you the experience of your life? There has been at least one Twilight Zone based upon this premise, and the movie, The Truman Show, also explored a similar concept. I wrote about this quite a bit in Layman* and contrasted it to The Matrix myth where everyone is sharing the simulation together. In Layman, the protagonist decides that the world isn’t real, but he can’t decide if it’s all just his dream, or the dream of the entire world. I won’t give away the conclusion he comes to, but I will say that I get the feeling that we’re all sharing a collective dream with bits and pieces that are unique to each of our lives.

Case in point: I’ve finally begun taking real steps toward getting my LOST** book published—I’ve hired a lawyer to have the manuscript legally vetted, I’ve signed up with iUniverse to get it published, and I’m working with a designer on the cover. Thing is, even if I slaved away day and night on this thing, there would be no way I could have it done in 44 days—but that is exactly when LOST’s 4th season returns to the air (January 31 at 9PM on ABC). The reason this is important is because interest in all things LOST spikes while the show is on, making them much easier to promote.  So, applying the law of intention, I subconsciously wished that the show would somehow be delayed, giving me more time to get the book out there.  A few weeks later, a writers’ strike was announced, delaying the full season of the show. In the immortal words of Steven Urkel doing his best Tweedy Bird, “Did I do dat?”

At the time of the strike, LOST had had eight of the sixteen scheduled shows completely written. Usually a show has 22 episodes in a season, but ABC wanted to stretch the show out for three more years—three additional seasons of DVDs and advertising revenue—to get to the magic 100 episodes needed for syndication. (This deal was actually good for me since it meant there would be less episodes to potentially mess up my book’s premise, but more time to sell the book.) ABC also felt that a shortened season would enable the show to run continuously without breaks—which fans hate. Because of the strike however, ABC has three options, based mostly on when the strike ends:

  1. If the strike ends within the next couple weeks: Run the 8 episodes beginning with February sweeps as planned, and then take a fan-hated break to continue the next 8 during May sweeps, ending the series in June (to Broadcasters chagrin since it would be after sweeps.)
  2. If the strike ends in about a month: ABC could push the show forward to begin in May and have it run into the summer. Highly unusual, but without the competition of other network shows, I personally think this would be a good move for ABC (and me since I’d probably be able to get the book out by May).
  3. If the strike goes on for about two months or more: Run the 8 episodes beginning during February sweeps as planned, and then hope that the strike ends by the summer so that the remaining 8 can be written and shot in time for November sweeps—giving LOST a full 2008/09 season of 24 episodes (8 remaining episodes from this season plus 16 already scheduled for next season).

Of course, the strike could go on until the summer, threatening LOST all together. While seemingly a catastrophe for my LOST book, it might actually be a blessing in disguise since the book provides a solution to the show that fans are dying for.

Well, today ABC announced that it won’t go with option 2 which was the best option for me. And since the strike doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, option 3 is the most likely solution.  With only 8 episodes beginning the end of January, the show will now end March 20th and not return until next season. I don’t think I can get my book out that quick, which means I sort of miss that window of opportunity. On the other hand, with only 8 episodes, that’s only 8 episodes that could blow my theory. That’s a good thing. And then I can do a slow release of the book in May, get some reviews and stuff over the summer, and do a full blitz in September before the season starts again. That might not be so bad, as long as the 8 episodes don’t do major damage. Still, since option #2 looks like it’s not happening, I’m hoping for option 1 which will still give me May and June to coincide my book and the show. Not too shabby.

I guess only time will tell what the universe has in store for my LOST book. So far, the strike seems to be favoring me slightly, but it all depends on when I can get the book out. If I don’t get it out until April, and the show won’t continue again until February of next year, that will most likely not be a good thing. But pretty much any other possibility will be.

My next update will be in March. By then I’ll likely know:

  • When the strike ended
  • When LOST began and how the season will likely run
  • If the 8 episodes from season 4 did any damage to my theory
  • How much re-writing the attorney/editor suggested I do
  • When my book will likely be released

This is one of those times when I kinda wish life had a fast forward button. Or, maybe a rewind button to do things a bit differently. I guess I’ll have to make that suggestion to the programmers of my life.

May your inner spark grow to light your way,


*New People:

If you aren’t familiar with the story, here’s a brief synopsis:

The Layman’s Answers To Everything is a spiritual comedy (or spiromedy) about an unlucky guy who believes he’s meant to do something amazing, but has no idea what it is. After experiencing many challenges and meeting a bizarre cast of characters, he stumbles upon secret messages hidden in TV, movies, and music that are aimed at guiding humanity. Using these messages, he starts a new religion which changes his life, and ultimately, the world. This is so much more than just a story though, because throughout the journey, we learn how to discover and fulfill our own destiny using the clues of the universe that are all around us.

I truly feel this book is going to make a real impact on the world, and set into motion a spiritual domino effect that’ll help change it for the better. And judging from the way the world is heading, I’m thinking that changing the way we’re heading would be a good thing, no? If you don’t agree, or would just prefer not to get any further emails from me, just let me know, and I’ll take you off the list—no hard feelings. Of course, I can’t promise that my book won’t track you down and find you anyway, but you have a while yet to worry about that.


**The LOST book is called, The Myth of LOST: Solving the Mysteries and Understanding the Obsession. It not only reveals a solution that explains all the mysteries of the show, it also explains how the show’s wisdom can be applied to our real lives.

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