Have You Seen The Honeycombs?


Have you seen them? They’re everywhere: in movies and TV shows, on ads and product packaging, in architecture, design, floor patterns, the Olympics, online, and even on the paper wrapped around hero sandwiches. They are honeycombs and hexagons, and they are taking over. Sure, design styles come and go, but why has this one seemed to have popped up so suddenly, become so incredibly prolific, and been so invisible to so many? Of course, now that you’re in the know, you’ll begin seeing them too (if you haven’t already). The question is why are they here, what do they mean, and why should you care?

Honeycombs, Hexagons, Tesseracts,
and Dodecahedrons, Oh My!


The first time I noticed the honeycombs was in the recent horror/sci-fi film, The Cabin In the Woods, which I saw back in April. In the movie, a powerful force field that separated realities (or dimensions) was comprised of hexagons forming a honeycomb pattern. Since I’m usually sensitive to repeating patterns in various movies, TV shows, and life, I made a mental note of the pattern, especially since the film followed a “life as illusion” theme, one where reality is not what it seems.

This theme is a favorite of mine since I happen to believe that the physical world we live in is illusionary and that these films provide clues about the details of its nature. The clues I’ve put together so far have led me to believe that this illusionary world we live in is, for the most part, a world of our own creation. Our collective thoughts create the events we experience as a population and our individual thoughts create the various scenarios of our individual lives.

I’ve already had countless confirmations of this, but because these clues are part of the experience I am creating, what may be true of my experience may not be true of yours. What does seem to be true for everyone however, is that the more you notice these little clues, the more of them you seem to get. So it’s not surprising to me at all that as soon as my attention was drawn to the honeycombs, I began to see more and more of them.

Many might argue that they were always there, but I was just noticing them more now. Even if this is the case, the honeycomb design pattern has definitely skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. This leads me to another of my beliefs.

I believe that artists, storytellers, musicians, and poets are like modern-day shamans who pick up on the messages of our collective unconscious and—often without realizing it— translate them in ways that are possible for us all to understand. These translated messages show up as art, symbols, metaphors, and archetypes, and all contain deeper, hidden messages beneath the surface. Although most of us only understand these messages on a subconscious level, each will resonate with those of us who are meant to hear it, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

If it’s a message meant to resonate with many of us, like the message of the original Star Wars film, many people will be drawn to it and subconsciously incorporate it into their psyche. For the most part, many Star Wars fans believe that there is a guiding force that surrounds us, that we should trust our instincts, that there is good in everyone, and that we each have a destiny we long to uncover and follow. These beliefs could’ve very likely been inspired by the film, and most of us don’t even realize it.

There are also more individual messages, meant for only you and your specific destiny. Usually, these are the symbols, clues, and characters that keep showing up in your life, but they can also just as easily show up in movies and on TV, because, as I believe, you are creating all of that too.

My beliefs about how the world works are why the honeycomb patterns and the meaning behind them seem significant to me. But if these beliefs are correct, these patterns may be important to you and our entire world as well.

Shortly after noticing them in Cabin In The Woods, I began noting the honeycomb patterns everywhere: in an ad on the wall at my gym, in the sidewalk they were repairing in the park by my apartment, on the floor of a restaurant I was eating at (Serendipity 3, interestingly enough). They also began showing up a lot on TV—especially in other shows with the “life as illusion” theme like NBC’s Awake, when it showed up on the floor tile the main character was dripping blood onto, moments before he began to question whether that reality was, in fact, really real. The honeycombs then seem to be a clue to our awakening.

Various geometric patterns have also shown up quite frequently in Tim Kring’s (Heroes) recent productions including Fox’s Touch about a boy who’s sensitive to another reality and invisible connections between people and Daybreak an online miniseries about a secret technology hidden within the earth. Both shows prominently feature references to geometric shapes, particularly, the dodecahedron—a 12-sided polygon forming a honeycomb-like pattern out of pentagons. Is this geometry all being presented just because it looks cool and feels futuristic, or is there some hidden sacred geometry at work here?

There is definitely something going on beyond a design fad. The first question we have to ask is where do these fads come from? Why do certain styles stick while others don’t go anywhere? Why do some come at a certain time, disappear, but then suddenly reappear? I would say that everything happens for a reason; that these designs and styles come about because they symbolically represent the zeitgeist or energies of the times. Artists and designers are sensitive to these energies and design accordingly.

To me, the see-through plastic popularized by iMac in the late 90s could relate to the time period we were entering—one where the illusionary veil was beginning to be uncovered and we would have access to the mechanisms of the universe. The word “apocalypse” actually means “revelation” or “uncovering.” We are continuing to see more and more of what our world really is. And the creatives behind the iMac design were sensitive to that.

Getting back to the geometric patterns, based on my own reasoning it may seem that these patterns must be more of a message for me personally and not for the world. After all, I’m the one that’s been noticing them and the movies and TV shows where I’ve seen them have not exactly been mega blockbusters. But in fact, the shapes have been showing up in mega blockbusters and when they did, I actually wasn’t noticing the connection. It took a fellow Lost* fan (Joanne Silverman) to point out that these geometric shapes have been showing up in all the recent Marvel superhero movies lately as the powerful Cosmic Cube or Tesseract.

Featured in Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man II, Thor, and The Avengers (visit http://marvel-movies.wikia.com/wiki/Tesseract for details), the Marvel Tesseract is described as a cosmic object of unparalleled power. In reality, a tesseract is actually a four-dimensional equivalent of a cube. Not only had all of this originally gone over my head, but so did the name, “tesseract,” even though it sounded very familiar. Little did I know at the time that I had first heard about this object over twenty-five years earlier, but once again, it took a fellow myth fan (Hannah Custis) to inadvertently lead me to the connection after an email conversation we’d had about missing fathers in fairytales.

I’d vaguely recalled the missing father theme in the first sci-fi book I’d ever read, and upon doing some research on its storyline, was amazed to discover that a tesseract was mentioned in the book’s plot as the reason the father went missing. The book is Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time. Keep in mind that while Joanne and Hannah’s email conversations were completely unrelated, they just so happen to have timed out close enough to make me notice the connection. When I write about the universe providing clues, this is what I’m referring to.

In A Wrinkle In Time, a young girl’s father, a government scientist, goes missing after working on a mysterious project known as a tesseract. Whenever I hear a story of a father who goes missing when trying to bring some incredible enlightenment to the world and who must be found by his children in order for it to be fulfilled, I immediately go to messianic myth. Embedded in our subconscious is this notion of a savior who returns to our world to bring enlightenment to humanity once we have grown ourselves enough through various challenges, in order to be worthy of it.

Besides the tesseract, the missing father theme of A Wrinkle In Time also connects to the Marvel movies. As I’ve discussed in a previous post, superheroes are usually orphans which is similar to the missing father theme except the message is more about the heroes needing to be the change they want in the world (superpowers) instead of finding it outside themselves (missing father). Superheroes make these changes themselves, just as we have the power to make them when we let go of the safety of the world we grew up in (our parental protection). In The Avengers, the superheroes were all joining forces to get the powerful tesseract out of the hands of evil (representing the material world) and into its rightful, heavenly domain—which in the movie could only be accessed through a doorway into another dimension. There’s that connection between polygons and other dimensions again.

Thank you for bearing with me up to this point. Because all these seemingly random geometric shapes—hexagons, honeycombs, dodecahedrons, and tessearacts are all about to fit together into one gigantic jigsaw puzzle, along with several missing pieces I’ve yet to reveal. Remember way back at the beginning of this post when I mentioned how Cabin In The Woods was the first film where I noticed the honeycombs? As I mentioned, the honeycomb pattern has been out there for years, and I’m usually pretty good at noticing patterns. So why did I not notice it until this film?

I think it’s because my area of interest is about this world being an illusion. And as I wrote, the honeycomb shapes in the movie were on a barrier that separated realities or dimensions from one another. The honeycombs were acting as a sort of net, similar to the honeycomb pattern you’ll see on chicken wire or actual nets. (When I began this post, I wasn’t entirely clear on the meaning of the honeycombs myself. It’s all been coming to me as I’ve been putting this together. I also didn’t know how I was going to fit the Yankee Stadium ball net image I’d found into this post and make it relevant beyond just its honeycomb pattern. The net metaphor just came to me. Our higher selves usually know what we’re doing before we do. We just get the pieces, but they have the benefit of seeing the big picture.)

This energy net may very well be like an invisible infrastructure that is creating the illusionary existence of our reality. It is this net-like foundation, made up of a honeycomb pattern, which the apocalypse could reveal. In other words, the energy net could be the literal entity behind the metaphorical veil that separate realities.

So, we have one movie where the honeycomb shape relates to a barrier between dimensions (Cabin) and another (Avengers) where a gateway between dimensions is unlocked with a tesseract shape. I had a feeling that these two movies fit together mythologically, but whenever there’s such a link, the universe usually gives me a real-life connection—a major actor, song, or name to verify it.

In “Deciphering Hollywood’s Hidden Messages” I discussed how the song “Cherry Bomb” from The Runaways movie connected to the name of the plane “Cherry Bomb” in the next film I saw, Sucker Punch, which connected to the actress, Abbie Cornish who was also in the next film I saw Limitless. This usually is only relevant in movies I see in close proximity to one another, and I saw Avengers right after Cabin. The common link between the films is Chris Hemsworth who played the jock in Cabin and Thor in Avengers—both warrior archetypes. And what do warriors typically do? Sacrifice themselves for the greater good. There’s that messianic/missing father myth again. So weird how all these seemingly random things are leading us in the same direction.

These movie and geometric shape connections are all intriguing but what do they have to do with our world? A world that does not have any apparent barriers between realities, no inter-dimensional gateways, or ancient geometric objects made powerful because of their shape. The key word here is “apparent” because the illusionary veil (or energy net) is concealing our true reality. As far as we know, we live in a three-dimensional world where what we see is usually what we get. But based on all the clues I’ve been seeing, I think we are about to have much more revealed to us, something on a huge, universal scale. One such clue comes in the form of a shape I mentioned earlier—the dodecahedron.

How do I connect dodecahedrons to “universal scale”? Very simply. It was recently brought to my attention that back in 2003, scientists discovered that our universe is probably shaped like a dodecahedron. And continuing with the connections, apparently the dodecahedron is the same geometry as a tesseract, only the latter is tilted so you can better define its six sections.

You can very easily get sucked into the rabbit hole from here as these shapes can lead to Eve’s Grid which can lead to Metatron’s Cube, which leads to the Tree of Life and so on. I’m not really up on my sacred geometry. All I know is that there seems to be patterns and shapes that nature favors over others. But besides being used for actual honeycombs, where else in nature might the honeycomb shape show up where it might give us a clue to its actual significance?

This is where my connection number three comes in. My friend Rick Knight gave me a copy of David Wilcock’s audio book, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophesies. The audio book is around 18 hours long, so it’s taken me some time to go through it. Strangely enough however, just as all this honeycomb stuff was coming to light for me, I reached the end of the second section, a bit over twelve hours into the book, when Wilcock began talking about the “honeycomb pattern” inside the wing casing of certain bugs—the Bronze Poplar Borer to be specific.

It’s a bit of a challenge to summarize the twelve hours of information that can lead to this conclusion, but Wilcock argued that this honeycomb pattern may help these large bugs to fly since the vibration of atoms in the pattern may cause some of them to flip from our dimension of space-time to time-space where levity is slightly more powerful than gravity. Besides being able to levitate in time-space, Wilcock also argues that we can time travel, and that little gliches of both time travel and levitation slip through our world all the time— rip in the veil so to speak. This was another piece in a puzzle that was slowly coming together. However, there are a couple pieces that I haven’t yet shared.



Winged Serpents and Spinning Spirals

Besides honeycombs and hexagons, there is another image that kept popping up for me this year: that of a dragon. To me, the dragon archetype can represent a lot of things, everything from comets, chakras, spaceships, time, and inter-dimensional portals to Quetzacoatl the winged serpent god, and of course, the Chinese New Year for 2012. Interesting how all of those mythological interpretations seem to fit into what I’ve been describing here. To put it all together, I took the dragon imagery as a symbolic representation for a new energy which would be gracing us with its presence towards the end of 2012 and revealing new understanding in its wake.

But from where will this new energy originate? To answer that I’ll need to share the second missing piece of the puzzle, one I only discovered while looking for images for this article and which amazingly manages to bring all these seemingly mixed up bits of info together into one unified whole.

Unlike the previous Spider-Man films, the recent Amazing Spider-Man focused more on Peter Parker’s vanishing parents, particularly, his father. There’s that missing father theme again. And while the other Marvel films connected to the tesseract, this one connected directly to the honeycomb pattern as seen in this image from the film.

The honeycombs make up the structure of the OSCORP building where Peter Parker is transformed into the hero. This once again connects a polygon pattern to our transforming new superpower—either one that comes from without or within.

(For the record, I’ve traced back the modern honeycomb pattern in design to possibly originating from the 2008 Beijing Summer games. It was very prominently used as part of the architectural design of the aquatic center there known as “The Cube” (not unlike the Cosmic Cube previously mentioned), where many mortals revealed their super-human skills. More humorously, the honeycomb/superpower connection may also explain why a honeycomb pattern found its way onto the wrapping for my chicken parmesan hero (Click image for details). The mythological hero transcends the confinements of his comfort zone, a definite hint as to the meaning of the honeycombs—we will be challenged to grow in order receive the power that is hidden by the honeycombs.)

Interestingly, in some shots from Spider-Man that I found, the OSCORP logo on the honeycomb-designed building is clearly shown on the side, whereas in others, it is hidden (see images below and click for details). To me, this seems to indicate a hidden message behind OSCORP.

Lost fans are well aware of the messages that were hidden within the show, usually in the form of anagrams, character names, or both (Ethan Rom was an anagram for “Other Man” and he did turn out to be one of the “Others”).

In this case, it didn’t take much work to turn OSCORP into SCORPiO. The fact that it’s missing the “i” could even relate to the fact that we can’t see the clue itself or what the clue is referring to with our “eyes.” (For the record, while this kind of interpretation may seem like I’m really stretching things, in fact, this is exactly how hidden meanings are uncovered in Biblical interpretations, particularly, mystical ones which make up much of Kabbalah. There are no accidents.)

So what possible connection could a hidden element of the Scorpio constellation have with a new energy that could be revealed soon in our reality? There is said to be a 13th sign of the zodiac that most people aren’t aware of. It’s connected to a constellation between Sagittarius, and you guessed it, Scorpio and our sun passes through it in late November through late December. It is called Ophiuchus (or Aesculapius in Greek) and known as “The Healer.” But even more intriguing, Orpiuchus’ archetypal image is seen wrestling a serpent. In many traditions, serpents represent the passage of time, so to me, this constellation relates to an energy enabling us to see through the illusion of time as we know it.

Mythologically speaking, this serpent that Ophiuchus wrestles is the same as the one that appears in the Garden of Eden in the Tree of Good and Evil (relating to the polar opposites aspects that exist in our material, illusionary world, as opposed to right and wrong) and also the same serpent as Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan, the feathered serpent in Aztec and Mayan mythology respectively that I spoke about in detail in “The Mayans Predicted the Coming of Green Lantern”.

For those of you familiar with mythology, your minds may be spinning now with all the connections that this brings up between the Mayan Sacred Tree, our own Milky Way, time, the alignment on December 21, the trees in the Garden of Eden, Quetzacoatl, and much more. I invite those looking to learn more about this to read the Green Lantern post I mentioned above, where I explained a bit more about these connections.

To briefly summarize the relevancy here, on December 21, 2012, the sun will perfectly align with the center of our Milky Way galaxy as seen from earth. This alignment will occur in the Ophiuchus constellation, at the location where the archer representation of Sagittarius is said to be pointing his arrow. Mayans believed that when this alignment occurred, the winged serpent would visit the earth (i.e.,an energy portal would be created, giving us a peek behind the veil that creates our illusionary world, including the illusion of time). So once again the clues lead to some kind of energy transfer or enlightenment.

Astonomers believe that there is a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Even if you don’t believe in astrological or mythological predictions, it is interesting that on December 21 the Earth, sun, and the black hole at the center of our galaxy will all be aligned. Skeptics will say that this alignment has basically been happening every December 21 for years, and 2012 is just slightly different. To that I say, ever trying opening a lock with a key copy that is just slightly off? You can line it up with the original key and it may look exactly the same, but it doesn’t work until you bring it back to the hardware store and they make a slight adjustment. Slight differences can make all the difference.

Even without the alignment, isn’t it interesting that around December 21 every year we are experiencing the holiday season: celebrating the birth of Christ or Christ consciousness, getting into the spirit of giving and sharing, and retelling tales of a bright star in the sky that guided the way? Now add an alignment with the sun (the son) and a black hole at the center of our galaxy (the Sacred Tree or Tree of Life) and imagine that holiday spirit energy multiplied by those elements.

As I mentioned earlier, in addition to the honeycombs, I’ve been seeing a lot of dragons too. Besides a connection to 2012, Quetzalcoatl, and time itself, it can be seen as a yang or male energy, while the hexagons or honeycombs can be seen a yin or female energy. And when they come together, the union births a new consciousness.

The reality of this is obviously all very complicated. Too complicated for our brains at their present level of evolution to understand. That’s why my brain, not knowing what to make of all these energetic clues, translates them into dream-like symbols (honeycombs, dragons) that I can later consciously interpret. All symbols, metaphors and archetypes in art, dreams and stories stand for something more. That’s why so much of this symbolism is showing up lately in architecture, design, and movies: creative shamans are sensitive to it and feel compelled to make sense of it, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Another mythologically inclined connection of mine, Rob Lesman, recently introduced me to an artist who is working with combining hexagons and spirals (i.e., our galaxy, DNA strands, black holes, etc.) The fact that this artist is connecting the spiral to the hexagon gives further weight to the connections between the shape (which makes up the honeycomb pattern) and our galaxy as a whole (as well as connections to our DNA and carbon-based make-up).

Seeing that spiraling nautilus in the center of the hexagon immediately brought my mind to the supposed spiraling rocket swirl in the sky that was created in Norway back in December 2009. Even if the dazzling display was from a rocket, I would still argue that this is something we created as a subconscious belief relating to the black hole at the center of our spiraling galaxy (at the end of the display, the spiral transforms into what looks like a black hole) and the time/energy portal that may be created with the coming alignment.

The dragons, hexagons and honeycombs are all symbols of something real—something we’re not quite advanced enough to understand. I do believe that they represent energies that are coming together, and when they do it will unlock a worm hole, energy vortex, or inter-dimensional portal through which we may be bathed with a powerful energy or new download so to speak: Earth 2.0 or the newest humanity upgrade.

Just as the swirling symbol relates to our galaxy on a macro-scale, it also relates to our DNA on a micro-scale, and I think the human upgrade is directly related to whatever may happen cosmically. While reading this, some of you may have been thinking about how the carbon molecule is represented by a hexagon. Since all humans, and most life on our world contains carbon, the hexagon pattern could relate to us as well, something also noted in the Spider-Man film by the hexagonal carbon molecule seen on the chalkboard.

The message seems to be that whatever is happening out there, relates to what is happening down here. As they say in Kabbalah, as above, so below. And in galactic astrology, the center of the galaxy is analogous to the Higher Self. So anything that happens in the cosmos, would relate to what happens to our conscious.

So, what does any of this mean? Is our world about to evolve from a third dimensional reality into a fourth or even fifth, as the tesseract symbolism may suggest? Is our entire universe going to evolve, as the dodecahedron may be hinting at? Are humans about to get an upgrade from some celestial source or break through some invisible barrier, as might be interpreted by the hexagons and honeycombs showing up everywhere? Does all this fit in with mythology relating to The Garden of Eden, Tree of Life, winged serpent gods, and secret Ophiuchus zodiac sign? All I know is that all of these symbols are coming up now, and they all seem to be related to each other so there is likely a connection between them all.

My feeling is that a new energy is going to be introduced beginning on December 21 of this year, and this energy is going to help us better understand what we are and what our place in the universe is. I think this relates to the apocalypse mythology as a revealing of truth, allowing us to see the illusion of time and how we can all create our own realities and heal the state of our world (superpower mythology).

There is a film coming out called Cloud Atlas, which gave me the chills when I watched the trailer. The story is about how we are all connected and that those connections extend beyond our current lives. Not surprisingly, the honeycomb pattern showed up once again in this film, signaling to me that this movie contains another message for me, and possibly you considering you’ve managed to read this far.

I did not write this post attempting to definitively explain the purpose of all these symbols, but just to bring all these connections to your awareness so that you might discover a meaning for yourself. At the very least, I have no doubt that you will begin noticing more honeycombs and hexagons, and maybe even tesseracts and dodecahedrons. Maybe you’ll notice dragons and serpents, or take more of an interest in Biblical or Mesoamerican mythology or sacred geometry.

Just as I notice clues, I hope this article has revealed something for you. At the very least, it may encourage you to watch or re-watch certain films with new eyes—eyes that now see the clues hidden beneath the surface storyline. And eyes that will be able to see and understand the new story for all of us as it begins to unfold.

May Your Inner Spark Grow To Light Your Way,


*Interestingly, Lost also featured plenty of polygons that played important roles in the plot, most notably the octagon I-Ching shape of the DHARMA logo.


Some people have requested a clearer explanation on what exactly the hexagons mean and what the spiral has to do with anything. Due to the length of this article, I opted to let readers put the pieces together for themselves, but upon further reflection I think I can clarify the connections without writing another ten pages.

The Hexagons/Honeycombs
Throughout this article, I made conclusions based on associations, because that’s how clues often work for me. The hexagon shape is the six-sided polygon that makes up the honeycomb pattern. I’ve been seeing this pattern in many places, especially movies, showing up as electro-magnetic nets or barriers between dimensions/realities. This relates to the myth of the apocalypse, which literally means a revelation or uncovering. In Kabbalah, the apocalypse relates to the removing of a veil that hides the true reality from the illusionary one we live in.

The hexagonal shapes in chemistry represent a molecule, with each point being an atom, usually carbon. Carbon is also made up of six electrons and is often bonded together in a hexagonal structure, so it was the closest connection to the six-sided hexagon for me, and since it relates to life, seemed to connect the invisible barrier to life on earth.

The Spiral
The spiral was introduced by the spiraling black hole at the center of our spiraling galaxy. The center of the galaxy will line up with the earth and the sun on December 21st of 2012 in the Ophiuchus (the hidden 13th sign) constellation. As I wrote in an earlier post, many believe that the alignment will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow to earth, raising us to a higher vibration. Ophiuchus is located next to the Scorpio constellation, an anagram for which is OSCORP, the building with the honeycombs on it in The Amazing Spider-Man, a movie about the missing father or “father quest” myth. This myth can relate to the messianic theme of reuniting with a wise ancestor of ours who will unlock hidden truths for us after we’ve grown enough through a series of challenges.

A famous father quest book is A Wrinkle In Time, which centers on a tesseract—a geometric shape that connects to the dodecahedron, which our universe is said to be in the shape of. So, the net or web-like structure of the barrier appears to be a universal truth, but a truth we are not currently conscious of.

The confirmation I received that the spiral connects to the hexagon came in the nautilus-hexagon artwork that was forwarded to me by a friend of mine who also focuses on synchronicities. A lot of levels, I know, but everything is connected—and that confirmation came in the form of the Cloud Atlas trailer that contained, you guessed it, honeycombs.

Symbols and Geometry
These symbols and shapes all represent certain energies that are headed our way or are being revealed now. Our minds are not yet advanced enough to interpret them so they show up as bizarre patterns and symbols like those we get in dreams. It’s kind of like how when your computer gets a command it doesn’t understand and spits out a jumble of random letters and patterns because it is trying to make sense of it all. Our brains are doing the same thing with these energies in our waking life and in our dreams. Subconsciously, we sense something is there, our brain gets confused and creates these forms. Creative types are most sensitive to it, explaining why these patterns have been showing up in so much art and storytelling lately.

The hexagons and honeycombs are our minds’ shortcut to the more complex messages about the real world which is now being revealed to us—an event known as the apocalypse. So honeycombs = the apocalypse. But this is not the end of our world as much as it is the beginning of a new one. One where we are more awake to how it really works and how we can make it better with much less effort than we’re doing now. Obviously, there will be an initial…how to put this…adjustment factor, but those in the know that can see the bigger picture and are aware of what’s going on will be more likely able to handle it. You are one of those people.

If you still are unclear or have any further comments or questions, please post them below.


7/27/13 UPDATE: I just saw an episode of Adventure Time called “A Glitch Is A Glitch” that originally aired 4/1/13 on Cartoon Network. In the episode, the Ice King releases a glitch that begins to destroy the world. Heroes Finn and Jake jump into the missing reality and find themselves in a dimension of honeycombs that Jake declares is “the universal source code.” Each hexagon that makes up the honeycombs is an icon that represents a different element of their world. Or, as Finn puts it: “I think these shiny things (the hexagons) are the building blocks of the universe man! They store every single thing that’s a thing back on thing.” Similar to Wreck It Ralph, they get to see the computer source code representing their world and watch as a glitch eats it up bit by bit, causing chunks of their world to disappear. So either these writers are reading my blog, or we’ve all independently come to the exact same conclusion: the honeycombs are the pixel-esque building blocks of worlds, maybe even our world.


8/12/13 UPDATE: Sam Hughes posted this link on The Myth of Lost Facebook page (http://www.thehoodedsage.com/2009/01/matrix-codes/). It’s by etheric healer and metaphysical teacher, Khris Krepcik . I agree with Khris that the honeycomb/hexagonal grid acts like a barrier between this world and the next. As far as whether the grid exists to control us and has a dark intent, I only partially agree.

From a fish’s perspective, the glass of their tank may seem to control their existence and have dark intent, but the truth is that it exists in order to allow for a certain experience—life in a manufactured environment among other fish that the fish is meant to interact with. It is neither evil nor good. Similarly, the grid of our world exists to allow us to have a certain experience. One that allows for our soul to interact with others, challenge itself, and grow stronger by doing things outside our level of comfort. If the grid controls us, it only controls the experiences we have so that we might grow. It does not control our mind or actions. In fact, whatever influence it has on us, I believe it’s intention isn’t for control, but for us to break past that influence.

The influence is our comfort zone. It consists of the strings that cause us to react to stimuli like a puppet. The goal, though, is to do the uncomfortable thing and cut the strings—leave behind what society, our family, and even what our mind says it thinks we should do, and instead to go with our gut: our higher soul that is aware of its purpose. The honeycombs/hexagons create the stage; the playing arena where we get to act out the role of our lives. It offers a general script. If we follow the script word for word, we haven’t grown at all. We have to improvise in order to strengthen our character. Take it on a hero’s journey. That’s why movies inspire us. They are filled with the clues and symbols meant to grow our soul, and—as with the case of the hexagons—sometimes they even contain the details of the illusion in which we’re all living.



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Marc Oromaner is a spiritual author and speaker who teaches how we can discover our destiny using clues found in the media and in our lives. His book, The Myth of Lost deciphers the hidden wisdom of the hit TV show and explains how we can use this wisdom to overcome our own challenges. His blog, “The Layman’s Answers To Everything” points out the patterns that run through all great stories including our own. These patterns are clues that are meant to guide us towards a life full of love, light, and fulfillment.




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    • #2The Layman @ 2012-8-21 12:33 Reply

      Cool, thanks for that! Interesting that “honeycomb” is actually a geometric term that relates to a pattern of geometric shapes with no gaps, and that those shapes don’t have to be hexagons, they can be squares or anything that doesn’t leave a gap. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeycomb_(geometry)

      Also interesting how both the tessellation and honeycomb definitions relate to “two-dimensional” plane but “higher dimensions are also possible.” When i first read that, I thought it was referring to the dimension we live in. It was referring to the polygon shape itself, but methinks it was no accident that my mind went there!

    • #3Sarah @ 2018-3-13 13:18 Reply

      I was looking into these blue honey comb shapes because i had this vivid dream about these being in our skies and I was showing people that had never seen them before.. In the dream i could remember seeing them before.. I’ve never seen them when awake, but I’m interested in what it might mean.. There was also ufo like aircraft’s in the sky too! Some where fighting 1 another. Other’s where doing strange maneuvers.. Anyways lol This article was the closest thing i could find.. These blue hexagons are exactly what they looked like.. Each hexagon section had it’s own symbol..

  2. #4Hannah @ 2012-8-22 14:50 Reply

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for tagging me in this very interesting article. The connection my mind made was also to tessellations, especially in the work of M.C. Escher. (My mind also went there because I recently did a project with my students about experimenting with which shapes will touch each other with no gaps and which will not). After reading your article, I thought more of the art of Escher in which the tessellated shapes and shading use two-dimensions to create a third dimension, and the eye jumps back and forth between the background and the foreground and it becomes unclear which is which. There are a couple examples on this page and an image search would reveal many more:http://britton.disted.camosun.bc.ca/escher/jbescher.htm
    It reminds me of what you said about determining what is real and what is illusion, or what is underneath, and how we pass through these different planes.

    • #5The Layman @ 2012-8-24 19:44 Reply

      Thanks for the info Hannah! Very cool tessellations! I used to try to make drawings like that as a kid. Did you notice the winged serpent in his drawings, shaped like an infinity symbol? Obviously, he was very aware of the meanings behind symbols. I find it interesting that he was born on June 17 (I was born June 16) and he died in 1972 (I was born in 1971). His nickname was “Mauk” which sounds like Marc and he went to Haarlem School of Architecture and Decorative Arts (I currently live in Harlem, named for Haarlem).

  3. #6Anne @ 2012-8-23 20:54 Reply

    Found this blog post this morning, this picture found me tonight. It’s a wasp’s eye.

    • #7The Layman @ 2012-8-24 19:47 Reply

      Cool, perhaps wasps can see things we don’t see. How’d you find the blog post? Always curious what leads people here.

      • #8Anne @ 2012-8-26 20:12 Reply

        I follow your Myth of Lost facebook page. No television show has ever had quite a pull on me like Lost did.

  4. #9The Layman @ 2012-8-26 18:03 Reply

    A lot of connections have been contacting me (via email and Facebook) about their recent hexagon/honeycomb encounters after reading this post.

    Rob Lesman just brought this to my attention:

    Interesting site about Hexagons: http://hexnet.org/

    This led to the “Hexagons are better than Squares” Facebook group:

    and the “Hexagons” Facebook page:

    Apparently, there are many out there who have taken an interest in hexagons and the patterns they form.

  5. #10Raphael @ 2012-8-27 10:48 Reply

    so I looked over the article and did NOT find a reference to GRAPHENE?

    the MOST important hexagonal pattern ONE atom thick that is going to revolutionize the world via NANO technology did NOT get a mention?





    I left my calling card in one of those links.
    Raphael means ‘god heals’

    • #11The Layman @ 2012-8-29 14:01 Reply

      Hey Raphael,

      Thanks for the info! I have not been following the amazing progress and possibilities of graphene, though, I think I may have heard it referenced as a material to be used in the creation of the space elevator that’s supposedly in the works.

      Find it interesting that GRAPHENE is so similar to your name. Perhaps by combining the two, we’d get RAPHENEL, the archangel meant to spread the word about this newly discovered 2-dimensional technology!

  6. #12Mary @ 2012-9-16 01:18 Reply

    I’ve been having this yellow honeycomb pattern appear on white walls recently, so I’ve been researching the possible meanings and stumbled across your posting. I too have been having dragon images come to me for a few years. Not often, but a couple of strong images appear. Thanks for the information.

    • #13The Layman @ 2012-9-18 18:23 Reply

      Thanks for your comment Mary! I’ve seen the honeycombs occasionally appear on white walls, but more often, they just appear in my vision, sometimes when I’m closing my eyes. I will be writing more about this in this month’s post about ascension symptoms, coming soon…

  7. #14Trish Altrogge @ 2012-11-4 18:10 Reply

    Dear Layman…I just finished reading your articles and am excited to maybe finally have an answer to some questions! I am a Reiki Master and do sessions for family and friends. I gave my girlfriend a treatment yesterday and afterward we chatted, and I told her about my ability to look at any wall(no matter the color) and the wall turns into a very large yellow Honeycomb!I have for years now been looking for the “why can I see that” and also “what does it mean”? Last night my friend sent me this page and said I might find it interesting, and indeed I did. I also am a scorpio and smiled as a few things became more clear to me, so to you and to my friend Dianne “Thanks”

  8. #16Trish Altrogge @ 2012-11-14 09:56 Reply

    Hi Layman…It is almost immediate when I look at the wall, but becomes brighter the longer I look.I used to think that maybe all walls had a yellow under coat lol but then I also can look at Trees, flowers, grass or almost any object and it turns into a 3D picture! I also have no idea why that happens or what I am suppose to do with it, I just hope that someday it will all become clear.


  9. #18Dai Cae @ 2013-1-24 11:00 Reply

    Hi Layman,

    I have just read your article “Have You Seen The Honeycombs”.
    It seems to me that you are just one “clue” or “connection”
    away from a long stay in the nut house my friend and if I
    were you I would lay off the superhero comic books for a
    while. You obviously have a highly over active imagination
    and are reading way too much into ordinary everyday things and
    I hate to break it to you but Spiderman films do not hold clues
    to the meaning of either life or the universe.


    • #19The Layman @ 2013-1-25 00:49 Reply

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dai Cae. I didn’t realize it was possible to have an imagination that is too active! I have to respectfully disagree with your assertions. Spider-man is based on age-old mythology which comes from the collective unconscious wisdom we keep locked up in our brains. You might enjoy some of the writings of Joseph Campbell or Carl Jung on this subject. I highly recommend the PBS series, “The Power of Myth” for more on that. Or, if you don’t have that much time, I touch a bit on that kind of stuff here: https://thelaymansanswerstoeverything.com/2012/06/08/diary-of-a-layman-26-spring-why-disney-characters-and-superheroes-are-usually-orphans/
      I appreciate your concern for my mental health, but rest assured I have no immediate plans of checking into a nut house just yet. Though, I’d probably have a lot to talk about with fellow patients.

  10. #20Lexay @ 2013-3-3 01:42 Reply

    Hi what’s your email I would like to talk privately.

    • #21The Layman @ 2013-3-3 12:15 Reply

      Hi Lexay,
      Thanks for your interest. My contact info is on the top right under the “Interesting Stuff” heading.

  11. #22Renco @ 2013-3-9 08:54 Reply

    Dear Layman,

    You will find your anwser about honeycombs in the work off Nassim Haramein.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfx_tEN0AkI about around 1:42 🙂

    Have fun!

    Namasté Renco

    • #23The Layman @ 2013-3-9 16:01 Reply

      Thanks Renco! I actually did watch that very video many moons ago and remember being quite inspired by it. His breakthroughs about the star of David shape, inverse black holes being suns, and more have stuck with me all these years. I need to watch it again as much of the rest has slipped my memory and I feel I know more now about sacred geometry than when I’d first seen it.

  12. #24pi,x,phi @ 2013-5-30 16:16 Reply

    ill be back …. meditatingom some more triangles forming hexagons th most natural forn next to circular

  13. #25flyflyfly @ 2013-6-22 14:34 Reply

    the energy of the world is made up of hexagons with filaments of light coursing around them- if you can silence your mind long enough to see it. we are hexagonal energy, the wall, even the air. so when people say everything is an illusion that’s not quite right, everything is energy and we see it as what we are taught; the hexagonal bunch of energy that is a “tree” for example. the meaning of dragons is the predatory force from the universe that came and took away our natural ability to see everything as energy, perhaps that force’s time has come and we are returning to our true seeing nature.

    • #26The Layman @ 2013-6-23 19:45 Reply

      Very, very interesting triple fly! I saw something on TV once that when the native Americans first saw Columbus arriving on their shores, since they’d never seen ships before, they didn’t register and couldn’t even really see them. I feel like I often see things in our world that science hasn’t yet recognized. Spiritual types have told me it’s called fey–looks like thousands of tiny specs and wispy tentacles like the smoke monster on “Lost.” I see flashes of violet and bright blue light too. Angels maybe? Fairies? I love how in “Pan’s Labyrinth” she said that when people can’t recognize fairies they just look like insects.

      I use “illusion” as a metaphor but I truly believe that the closest thing our brain could understand about how this world works is similar to a computer simulation (https://thelaymansanswerstoeverything.com/?p=2144). I think this works well with your explanation here too. The hexagons are like pixels: “filaments of light coursing around them.”

      Interesting about what you wrote about dragons. Wondering where you heard/read that or if that’s intuitive. In Kabbalah, they interpret the snake in the Garden of Eden as being symbolic of time that created the illusionary/material world and took away our ability to see things as they really were. Fits with your explanation.

      As for honeycombs existing in antiquity, I don’t doubt it. Of course, when you have thousands of years at your disposal, you can easily find any patterns you’re looking for, and honeycombs especially are an ideal shape for building. That being said, much like the pinecone/pineal gland references in history, I’m sure there is a higher significance to the honeycombs back then.

      Thanks for sharing all that!

  14. #27flyflyfly @ 2013-6-22 14:41 Reply

    one more thing- the honeycomb pattern is not new, look at the statues from tula, mexico, they are called the atlanteans and they have the pattern of the honeycomb energy on their head dresses because they were advanced seers.

  15. #28flyflyfly @ 2013-6-24 14:38 Reply

    you have a lovely way of writing that shows how positive and open you are! you might like something i found while looking at two things online. the first site is called “orbs by bean” under what they call ” the cloaks”,especially the one where it is looking at the camera. they seem to have photographed what looks like the aboriginal cave art called “wandjina” (google wandjina pics and you will see their eyes and long noses) when the predators first arrived, ancient humans were still able to see them and depicted the visitors in their art….

    • #29The Layman @ 2013-7-3 19:08 Reply

      Thanks for the compliments and the share! The Wandjina are interesting. Surprised I haven’t seen that on Ancient Aliens. As for the Orbs By Bean, their ease of capturing them makes me feel like they are mostly tricks of the light–reflections in the lens and dust refracting the flash. That being said, I’m sure there is a truth in what they’re doing.I definitely believe that there’s much more to this world than meets the eye. I love the explanation of fairies in “Pan’s Labyrinth” that said most people see them as insects because they can’t really see them for what they are. That resonated for me.

    • #31The Layman @ 2013-7-3 19:13 Reply

      Indeed! Also reminds me of the mask from “Scream” or “Pink Floyd’s The Wall.”

  16. #32Seven @ 2013-8-18 22:41 Reply

    I believe this hexagon design in movies, games, comercials, on tv and the internet,etc. could be a warning to the elite to get ready for what they
    have secretly been told about. To prepare to go underground because of a
    giant event that only they have been warned about. This could be the first
    phaze; the preparation stage. There might be some other sign following the
    hexagons to let the elite know that it is time to go underground. Comet Ison
    is coming. It will be closest to the sun in 3 to 4 months aproximately the
    same time that the magnetic field around the sun will flip; called the magnetic
    reversal. If we were to have a pole shift because of these events it would be
    an excellent Idea to find a place undergound so the uva,uvb,uvc,rays and microwaves don’t effect you. This is just a thought.

    • #33The Layman @ 2013-8-18 23:13 Reply

      Interesting theory Seven. I do feel like it is a message about some unknown aspect of our world and I also believe that there are groups of people who have inside knowledge that isn’t shared with the rest of us. I’m not sure if the hexagons connect with that. I feel like these groups would have more subtle or at least simpler ways of relaying their messages. To me the hexagons feel more like a subliminal message that we are manifesting because of new energies that we are sensitive to. I like the pixel theory the best. Though, perhaps messages are being slipped into the hexagon patters somehow as a kind of secret code. You may be on to something.

  17. #34Seven @ 2013-8-19 10:57 Reply

    Thank you for your response. I tend to believe your way of thinking more than
    my theory. It was just something that popped in my head at the time so I thought I would write it down. I do feel though that it is a subliminal message of some kind. I find it odd that the huricane on saturn is in the shape of a hexagon. Of course bees build their hive in a hexagon shape. Hive mind! One mind! There is definetly something to this. It is not just a trend. It is more prevelant everywhere than it ever has been. It’s not just a new fashion or fad. I haven’t read everything that was written by the people responding to this post. I just could not believe that I was seeing these hexagon shapes in movies, commercials, video games, on products, on ceilings, in architecture, On game shows, on and on and on. The first thing I seen on tv
    when I turned it on after writing my first comments was a hexagon right in the
    middle of the screen. It was a jenny craig commercial. Thank you for taking
    the time to write back to my response your views are very helpful on this subject. Have an excellent day.
    and on.

    • #35The Layman @ 2013-8-19 12:17 Reply

      And thank YOU for sharing that! Some very interesting thoughts!

  18. #36pi x phi @ 2013-8-24 13:50 Reply

    i see hexagons when i close me eyes every night day any time … what to do…… ? inspire me art?

    • #37The Layman @ 2013-8-24 18:38 Reply

      You should seek out a professional shaman. Perhaps, before doing that, ask the universe before going to sleep to reveal the message behind the hexagons. What you resist, persists. So be open to the messages.

  19. #38Dee @ 2013-9-27 17:09 Reply

    I’m so happy to have found you…I have been seeing this honeycomb net-like layer for about 20 years now. I even asked my ophthalmologist about it because everyone I asked didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. He didn’t really give me any explanation. Thank you for touching on this subject and letting me know I’m not the only one that sees this web-like structure. Peace xoxo

  20. #40SEVEN @ 2013-9-28 08:54 Reply

    Hello again,

    It is me again. It’s funny; I woke up this morning and had a new email. It was
    informing me that there was a new comment on this website. What’s funny about it
    was that last night on a new series on tv, called the marvel agents of shieild, the two agents took a women into an interogation room on a giant airplane. Every
    wall in that room was made up of giant hexagons. I probably wouldn’t haver written anything about it until I woke up and saw this email. I of course have
    seen this honeycomb pattern ten to fifeteen times since I wrote my last letters.
    I have seen them on commercials several times and on movies and video games etc.
    A really interesting thing though is that they have a new miracle material called “Graphene”. It is a planar sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern. It is lighter than a feather, stronger than steel yet incredibly flexible and more conductive than copper. That’s all for now. (Hive mind)

    • #41The Layman @ 2013-9-30 19:59 Reply

      Very interesting. I recorded that show but haven’t watched it yet. Marvel comic shaman are DEFINITELY in the know about the hexagons. As I mentioned above, many of their films feature sacred geometry with the cosmic cube or tesseract. And it was the shape of the windows of OSCORP in Spider-Man. Raphael commented about Graphene in one of the comments above. Definitely seems to be a key to the future, as all the hexagonal patterns seem to be insinuating.

  21. #42pi x phi @ 2013-12-2 11:18 Reply

    I love how people keep sharing there look upon things i posted aomething a year ago and still the list of comment witch keeps growing suprizes me that these hex inspiration particals we see all of is dont have a firm meaning yet .still i think it is what this dimension is made up of how or when this demension will shift from a 6 6 6 based dimension to a 12 12 12 or even more i dunno but it might … Meaning living forward and back at the same time but still in a loop forming to a spiral …dunno … damn u Hexagons there everywhere

    • #43The Layman @ 2013-12-3 12:57 Reply

      And the more you notice, the more you’ll see…

  22. #44Ardrel @ 2013-12-4 22:52 Reply

    Check out Secrets in Plain Sight by Scott Onstott
    http://www.secretsinplainsight.com/ on sacred geometry especially the blog. There is something big here and many are trying to get to the bottom of it. Before the Internet it must have been nearly impossible to know for the uninitiated

  23. #46phoenix stone @ 2013-12-16 02:01 Reply

    so, in a bottle of beer in my fridge, a larger bottle, once opened, and left for approx ten minutes, alone in a fridge, opened the fridge, and that bottle was completely filled with large honey combs…

    shut the fridge, was tripped out by this, came back within minutes, and was gone…

    interesting, to say the least.

    • #47The Layman @ 2013-12-16 22:15 Reply

      Yes, although you might want to cut down on the beer.

  24. #48mac diagnostics surrey @ 2014-3-11 12:16 Reply

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    • #49pi x phi @ 2014-3-11 12:23 Reply

      Go spam somewhere else …. Something like the fregin north pole of Australia

  25. #50LD @ 2014-4-9 15:30 Reply

    here how i saw the huney comb.i started notice that when i awoke from a heavey dream a and i did not move i felt like there was more or something calling or watching.now im awake when i do this…i look in to the dark i came to a wall of huney comb so i lift.the next night after a deap dream and woke up i did the same thing again but this time o broke thru the huney comb.i could project my self to other places and also seen strate beam of spoted light beam with circle lights..there a lot more…email me

    • #51The Layman @ 2014-4-10 11:43 Reply

      Very interesting LD! I’ve had similar experiences with waking up from heavy dreams. That’s also when I’m most likely to see the astral spiders that I mentioned in the comments in the Ascensions Symptoms post: https://thelaymansanswerstoeverything.com/2012/09/22/diary-of-a-layman-27-summer-are-you-experiencing-ascension-symptoms/ I’ve seen honeycombs then as well, but not as frequently.

      I’ve also had meditative visualization experiences similar to what you describe, but never with honeycombs. Great idea to break through! I will have to see if I can come to that experience.

      What do you mean by a straight spot light with circle lights? Are you saying there is one spot light surrounded by glowing orbs? I’ve seen these glowing orbs, but curious what you meant.

      Because you aren’t registered, I don’t have your email. It would be great if you could share here but if not, feel free to email me using the Contact link on the upper right under “Interesting Stuff”.

  26. #52SomeGuy @ 2014-7-12 23:18 Reply

    Just to add some fuel to the fire, SWIM ate some psilocybin mushrooms a while back and saw a hexagonal grid pattern enveloping the sky. This was visible for several hours and was stationary. The “chicken wire” pattern was stationary, but multiple layers of geometry was animated within each partition. Every partition held the same geometric patterns and motions simultaneously. This persistant grid seemed quite real. Looking around on the net reveals many others have seen this grid as well, under certain mindsets.

    • #53pi x phi @ 2015-1-4 05:21 Reply

      True thing there … I dont want to promote drugs ..but sins we the people produce it at night in our heads makes me feel like its legal ..dmt (dimethyltriptamine) is something everybody on earth should look into it a mega library of info beyond time and space. It shows geometrics formjng changing to how u feel ..it take u to the otherside of this known universe in a sec u can meet entities of all kinds … And u can ask anything but h will havd to solve the puzzeling things that are brought before u in time ….. Hexagons man … Evrywhere

  27. #54chris @ 2014-9-14 00:36 Reply

    I would see honeycomb patterns on walls growing up, they would appear. Beyonce, queen bey, references them a lot. Good info

    • #55The Layman @ 2014-9-16 23:56 Reply

      Beyonce? Really?? Which songs, do you know? Wouldn’t mind seeing the lyrics because as a modern day shaman she may be channeling wisdom she doesn’t even realize the deeper meaning of.

  28. #56Dee @ 2014-9-17 08:42 Reply

    @ Layman…with regard to Beyonce, I don’t believe Chris is referring to any song she sings per se. Apparently, since Beyonce is considered the ‘Queen of Pop’ (emphasis ‘Queen’) and her nickname is ‘Bey’ (like bee) = Queen Bee. She favors clothing with honeycomb designs as well as being seen wearing gold jewelry with bees and hexagon designs. Jay Z and Beyonce are Illuminati obviously.

    • #57The Layman @ 2014-9-18 12:06 Reply

      Interesting, thanks for the clarification Dee. Sounds like she’s in it for the branding as opposed to channeling any wisdom.

  29. #58maryna @ 2014-11-22 07:45 Reply

    http://earthsky.org/space/spin-of-quasars-central-black-holes-is-aligned-over-billions-of-light-years – Extract from this science article regarding “vast honeycomb-structures”:

    To understand how strange it is that spinning supermassive black holes might be aligned over vast distances, think back billions of years to the Big Bang, the event that set time in motion. The Big Bang sent matter and space hurtling outward in an expansion that has not stopped even today. The matter spreading expanding outward was essentially homogeneous – the same in all directions – but tiny fluctuations in this homogeneity caused matter to begin to clump. These clumps today are what make up the large-scale structure of the universe. The clumping gave rise to what we today see as superclusters of galaxies – which are collected in the “walls” of vast honeycomb-like structures – between whose walls lie vast voids apparently empty of galaxies.

    • #59pi x phi @ 2014-11-22 07:50 Reply

      Finally some who speaks with logick :p ..i see u have this found up .. ivf thought it up slightle thy same … Nevertheless this is some fine input :)pu

    • #60The Layman @ 2014-12-20 01:17 Reply

      Wow, thanks for sharing. Just as there are cycles within cycles of time patterns, the same seems to work in space with repeating patterns on micro and macro levels.

  30. #61kym @ 2015-1-3 22:23 Reply

    Wicked and informed article.. was searching symbology again and came across this , would love to bounce some ideas around with you , even if I am a few years late to the party 🙂

    • #62The Layman @ 2015-2-16 01:14 Reply

      Time is an illusion Kym. Feel free to bounce around any ideas in the comments section so all may share in your insights.

  31. #63pi x phi @ 2015-2-16 03:48 Reply

    Yeah i came accros this omaha guy perez who claims to be able to bend te fabric of timestace inspired by the fact that some pilots experienced that when flying trough a heavy lightningstorm they would have been almost like telleported out of the storm … Like 300 miles out of it so i came to see the lowpower lightningstorm generator and what do u think ..yesh hexagons … Open hexagons … And u can see a warpdrive like a neelde when u travel with it the fabric u are traveling trough moves around u look for the vid and story on this here wonder full internettie cherio
    Im sorry for my bad english but they made time stood still

    • #64The Layman @ 2015-3-4 18:12 Reply

      Would be great to see a demonstration of the Omaha guy’s abilities pi x pi! If you like this subject, you’ll find a lot of it in this book which features a lot of real-world evidence. Cool stuff!
      >>”The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophesies” by David Wilcock

      • #65pi x phi @ 2015-3-16 03:15 Reply

        Hey mr layman last couple of days there is tiss here troll posting bullshit …. Its not adding up to the sharing of insights in hexagonal matters keep the universe klean. Keep trolls in caves …

        • #66The Layman @ 2015-7-31 19:06 Reply

          Hey Pi x Phi,

          Thanks for the heads up. It’s almost as if these spammers can smell when a blog is about to be left unguarded for a time. I’m just getting off a 4-month busy period and just as I left the spammers went nuts and the site was hacked. I’m getting it back under control now so thanks again!

  32. #67Donna H @ 2015-3-31 08:00 Reply

    Hi I would really like to talk with someone about what I have been seen through my eyes each morning when I wake. The patterns always appear when I first wake up in the morning. I have white walls and ceiling. I see the yellow honeycomb pattern so clear it scares me but amazes me at the same time. I have the rh negative factor. I have been experiencing ringing in my ears and I can actually at times hear almost a kind of high pitched on and off beeping in my ear like if someone was trying to send me a message via inner ear. I have also been experiencing a lot of out of body experiences when I sleep but the honeycomb patterns I see each morning are amazing to me as though I’m seeing energy itself. I don’t know why but I feel this rh negative factor has something to do with it. Everything the characteristics talk about I have. My chart was done a few years back and what the lady said was also enlightning. I’m changing and would really like to know what this is all about

  33. #69vic smyth @ 2015-4-23 18:06 Reply

    Here’s another clue for you: buckyballs

    • #70The Layman @ 2015-7-31 20:12 Reply

      Yes, had seen demonstrations of that on one of the Nova shows. Definitely seems that the shape of the universe is comprised of polygons–particularly hexagons, octagons, or decagons to form a dodecahedron. And way it compresses and expands is pretty cool.

      BTW, the walrus was Paul.

  34. #71Deborah @ 2015-9-15 12:35 Reply

    Great read, Marc. I have begun noticing these patterns more and more, after having read your article. And just recently have learned about another phase of water, referred to as Exclusion Zone (EZ), which has to do with the structuring of it within our bodies. It’s actually forms a hexagonal pattern that lattices around the cell. So maybe being that we’re officially in the age of Aquarius, is why this pattern is so prevalent? Just thought that was an interesting parallel. Maybe some exciting cosmic events this month will help to put things in perspective!

    • #72The Layman @ 2015-9-16 23:22 Reply

      Glad it resonated Deborah! I’ve heard about the structures of water before, in fact, the water I drink is microstructured. It’s available on one of my sites if you’d like to learn more about it. (https://www.amway.com/Shop/Search/SearchResults.aspx?searchkeyword=perfect%20water&includeLMS=false&pwsID=MindBodyConnection) I’m not familiar specifically with EZ however.

      As for The Age of Aquarius, I’ve heard various dates for when it officially begins. The date that resonates the most for me is Spring 2250. Even if this is the start date, the effects of the age will have already begun to have leached into our own.

      Appreciate your passion. Stay excited!

  35. #73Deborah @ 2015-9-17 12:15 Reply

    Thanks Marc, that water on your website sounds good! I had to look up Exclusion Zone water, too, and found out it was what they’re now referring to as “structured water”. I believe exclusion zone refers to this structured water’s ability to selectively allow certain elements into the body’s cells. Best to you, Deb

    • #74The Layman @ 2015-9-17 17:08 Reply

      Sounds like it might be the same things as the microstructured water I gave a link to. The terms are probably just marketing but the products are likely effective at filtering out unnecessary molecules.

      • #75Deborah @ 2015-9-17 19:12 Reply


  36. #76Lesa @ 2015-9-17 12:46 Reply

    Background: I have been meditating since I was in my mid 20s and now I’m in my mid 40s. I recently began to tap into my pineal gland which is also called the Third Eye in an effort to attain a higher level of awareness in our universe. That and I quit eating or drinking anything with fluoride in it, especially stopped brushing my teeth with toothpaste loaded with the poison, fluoride. I began eating raw honey and drinking tea made from Apple cider vinegar with the “mother “still in it. I’ve been meditating daily and I’ve added a few other supplements that are supposed to clear the fluoride crust that covers our pineal gland. The pineal gland is the enlightening gland. Literally, it is. It has a structure and receptors just like our eyes. It can detect light and it transforms serotonin into melatonin but in first-world countries where fluoride is used our pineal glands do not work. Our pineal glands are magnets for fluoride. And if you work hard to release that fluoride from your pineal gland you can physically feel a pop or crack when it finally loses that layer of crust. If you cut open our brains right down the center you’ll see that the center shape of our brains look very similar to that of the third eye that has played such an important part of the lives of our ancestors for thousands of years of history. That’s the backstory. Moving forward, one day I was meditating and I opened my eyes and I saw a strange pattern in my right eye and a grid like matrix in my left eye. It didn’t disappear but I could see through it. This happened after I was meditating specifically on my third eye using soundwaves that stimulate the third eye (a crystal singing bowl). I told my husband and he shrugged it off. Then about two weeks later I was at the beach. I am disabled and have a terminal illness with no expiration date. It’s debilitating and very painful. My heart is very weak. I went out into the water and the waves were whipping me around and it was hard for me to stand. I had gone out very far in the shallow clear water. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it out of the water. I felt death approaching. I closed my eyes as another wave was coming and behind my eyes in the glow of the sun was a bright honeycomb pattern that engulfed my entire line of vision with my eyes closed. All I could say to my daughter and my husband was “honeycomb. Do you see the honeycomb. Honeycomb. I can’t go. Not yet. I need to go to the car but I can’t.”, So I had my daughter and her boyfriend support both of my arms as they sort of carried me to the car, the whole while I was seeing the honeycomb and looking up into the clouds with nothing but the honeycomb pattern. It disappeared after I got in the air-conditioned car and was able to calm down and relax myself to a place where I didn’t feel imminent death. My death will come by my heart stopping. There’s no way to predict it or to stop it. It’s a rare form of connective tissue disorder that has taken the lives of many of my family members. But I am the only one who meditates. No one in my family believes that when I meditate deeply I can see a matrix pattern in my eyes. They believe me when I tell them I’ve seen the honeycomb pattern, but mostly do just to placate me. But I had never seen it before so I immediately got online to research why I had seen that. Then I began seeing honeycomb patterns everywhere and now I see them all over. The beach trip was about three weeks ago . I’m convinced that that was the day I could have died should I have wanted to but I reflected on my young triplets and my son who is just a little older and my three older children and my soon-to-be grandson and I didn’t want to leave. I fully expect to see that pattern again. No one injected that idea into my head. That was something that happened on its own. Only then did I began to research what it could mean. I really enjoyed your article and the responses. I believe that I was seeing beyond the plane of where our conscious selves are generally capable of seeing. I have told many people that dying is like stepping out of our bodies and not ascending. I’ve told them it’s stepping out of our bodies and moving into another plane that is here but untouchable. If you’re well-versed in the steps to meditation and you spend years meditating, you can feel that then gossamer veil that separates us from what we will become when we pass. We are energy and energy never stops; it just changes forms. And I believe that the geometric shapes are all part of our universe and what separates the planes of existence. I wish more people could see them. No one seems to take me seriously. As it stands I rest contentedly knowing that eventually everyone will know that what I see is true.

    • #77The Layman @ 2015-9-19 21:22 Reply

      Thanks for sharing all those experiences and insights Lesa! First off, there’s good news! You don’t have to stop brushing your teeth! There are many toothpastes on the market without fluoride like Tom’s of Maine. I know about the pineal gland mostly from David’s Wilcock’s book, “The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophesies” (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0525952047/?tag=orowriter-20)

      The pattern you saw in your eyes sounds a lot like ocular migraines which I get as well. You can read about them and see a visual here: https://thelaymansanswerstoeverything.com/2012/09/diary-of-a-layman-27-summer-are-you-experiencing-ascension-symptoms/

      Interesting that you have multiples and nearly drowned–me too on both accounts! I have identical twin girls. I also almost drowned around 2004 in Hawaii when I got caught in a rip tide and couldn’t swim back to shore. I sometimes wonder if I died and this is all flashes of a life I didn’t get to have so I can still experience it on some level even though it’s probably skipping around a lot more now and I don’t really have any choices.

      I smoked some ayusaka awhile back and saw a psychadellic arrangement of geometric shapes vibrating and moving all in black and white. Very triply.

      Don’t worry about what others see or believe. They’re just stuck in the illusion. We KNOW it’s an illusion since we all experience life through our senses. But our senses are chemical and electrical processes that take milliseconds to process–so everything you experience has already happened, and it’s possible to duplicate it all artificially. Maybe that’s happening right now!

    • #78pi x phi @ 2015-11-9 07:11 Reply

      Hey lesa i loved reading ur comment to see there are still people able to “see” .. as for the meditating and ur pineal glan cleaning i salute the for in this 1ste world driven country time it is so hard to avoid this fluoride “killer” .
      Ive been in this magicalgeometri world some times trough meditation .And one time by smoking dimethyltriptamine dmt for short
      ayyuaska is in the same class but that is stil on the agenda …
      For ur condition i was currious if u ever heard of cbd and cba these are canabinoids extracted from an “illegal”plant .. cannabis .. ive came to understand that people with alzheimerz ,multiple sellurosis and evil tumor patients could bennefit much from these extremely potent mollecules .. i dont want to give a false sense of hope but if its under ur nose and u have the time it might give time
      Also onr thing to mention is the stone named shungite an a stone originating offworld found only in russia … 15 hexagons 13 pentagons forming a fuller effext its something to look in to .Be it not for yourself then for who could appreciate
      Sorry for my bad english

  37. #79lynn @ 2015-10-13 22:33 Reply

    thank you so much for this article. i started meditating about a month ago after seeing 11.11 everywhere and being called to meditating.and
    blew my third eye open. i’ve been seeing the energy in the air as fast moving
    air, and have been able to see humans and all objects as smoke.
    i see purple when i close my eyes and moving film like images in my mind eye.
    I started seeing golden honeyconb grids everywhere. its like its pulsating.
    I thought it was my dogs aura. but then she got up from the floor and i thought it was my own aura. Then it just followed me around everywhere and i thought maybe i had been overstraining my eyes.Now i know

  38. #81Lynn @ 2015-10-17 02:16 Reply

    Thank you. Yes I already do. I can see a tunnel and a vortex and I see entities and symbols like a movie, it’s fascinating!
    I wonder what the beings are that are looking at me,

  39. #83Lisa Short @ 2016-1-31 18:53 Reply

    Hi Marc,
    Wow! I was researching the honeycomb pattern today. Most of the signs you received and your interest in dragons are very similar to the signs/synchronicity’s I am noticing as well. We seemed to be tuned into the same frequency!
    Thanks!! Lisa

    • #84The Layman @ 2016-2-2 22:52 Reply

      Oh jeeze Lisa! Get ready for a wild ride!

  40. #85J @ 2016-3-21 08:50 Reply

    In the middle of the afternoon on a clear day last summer I looked up in to the sky to the east and saw light lines in this honeycomb shape. It was very odd. At first I thought it was very large and at a long distance away then seemed to be smaller and closer yet I could not tell. What was even more odd was that after seeing this very clear and then I just turned and got in the car and left. I still till this day wonder why I just walked away like it was nothing. I can not understand how I could just walk away.

  41. #86J @ 2016-3-21 08:54 Reply

    By the way can we cut through all the bs? I do not need a bunch of nonsense.

    • #87The Layman @ 2016-4-28 18:34 Reply

      Hey J, your first post is pretty interesting. We tend to dismiss that which does not register. As for cutting through the BS, are you referring to the illusion we live in which people pass off as being real, or are you one of those who accepts this reality and take the simulation and honeycomb talk to be BS? If so, why bother to post the first comment?

  42. #88Aileen @ 2016-7-23 05:16 Reply

    Normally I’m against killing but this article slathguered my ignorance.

  43. #89Barbie @ 2016-7-23 05:34 Reply

    Taking the ovvierew, this post is first class

  44. #90Susy @ 2016-7-23 10:50 Reply

    I can’t hear anhyting over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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