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If you’ve ever wondered why we are here, this article is for you. If you’ve never wondered, some part of you has been wondering without your knowledge or else you wouldn’t be reading this now. There’s been a lot written about what life is and what we’re doing here. Some of it is very technical and philosophical. Some of it is very metaphorical and poetic. And then there is the actual answer, which we may never know. However, one truth I’ve noticed about this world is that cycles exist within cycles within cycles. Electrons swirling around a neutron are similar to our planets swirling around the sun. The shape of a leaf is indicative of the shape of the tree it came from. History repeats itself. Myths evolve over time but their basic elements all remain the same. Putting these truths together I was able to trace back to the origins of the first story and, to my shock and awe, uncovered an answer to a question I’ve been wondering for a very long time: why did the universe evolve to become so seemingly complicated? The answer, ironically enough, is incredibly simple.

Our existence seems to be the result of fractals, which are basically small patterns repeating within the same larger patterns. If a man builds a robot, that robot will have tendencies similar to the man. It will, in many ways, be built in his image. It will likely speak his language and the languages he knows of, it will process information in a similar fashion (even if much faster), and will create in ways similar to how the man creates (assuming it had no other outside influences). If that robot were to create another robot and this second robot were to create a third and so on, every robot would still be connected to the original since they were built using a brain, knowledge, codes, and formulas that evolved from that of the first robot. Now, if that first robot’s brain had a flaw, say, it always saw the color green as red and vice-versa, every robot to follow would do the same—even if it was capable of being built without that flaw—because it would have no reason to know otherwise. Similarly, if the original robot recognized certain patterns of existence, every robot that followed could also see those patterns and probably create others like it within the original framework. Remember when I said the answer is incredibly simple? This actually isn’t it. But I think it may help explain why the world was created in the way it was: with repeating patterns. The real question though, is why it was created at all and why it seems so needlessly complicated. This is the simple part.

Once upon a time there was light. And the light was everything, it could do anything, and it knew everything. This was easy, because the light was all there was. But this created a contradiction. Since the light was everything, the one thing it could not know was what it was like to not be it. So, the light separated itself into two entities: a positive energy and a negative energy, neither of which knew that they were the light. As it is with stars or a light bulb (cycles within cycles), light is created from a positive and negative charge. Just as instantaneously as the split had occurred, the positive and negative energy re-attracted to one another and formed light again. But that instant was enlightening to the light and it wanted to further explore this separation so that it might more thoroughly know what it was like to not be itself.

So, the light created time to put a delay on the inevitable reuniting of its positive and negative energies. It did this by repeatedly duplicating itself in grid-like sections of space that, much like the repeating sequence of a filmstrip (cycles within cycles) presented the illusion of flowing time. With this rule in place, the light just needed a process to slow down the instant attraction of its positive and negative polarities. It needed a way to conceal the energies in containers that would slowly break down before revealing the pure energy beneath. So it took its positive and negative energy and compacted it into different vibrations. These different vibrations are what formed the atoms, the building blocks of all matter, in our universe. Since everything is composed of only light, the light was still there, but concealed in a different form—a form that gave the illusion of separation when it was actually still all one thing. Every atom, every molecule, and everything that these basic building blocks of the universe could potentially form were actually all still part of the one light.

For example, hydrogen, which makes up over 90% of the universe, is made up of one positive, and one negative charge. Initially, a world of just hydrogen atoms was one of the universes the light had created. Eventually though, these simple atoms either broke down or combined with one another until the light was whole again. At that point, the light divided itself into more complex atoms so the process of them combining and the light reuniting would take even longer. These early processes only revealed the light to be purely positive and negative. However, as the light separated itself more and more finely it discovered that the positive and negative energy could be fine-tuned into more specific properties. There was light and dark, good and evil, up and down, black and white, and the light wanted to know all these elements of itself individually, without knowing that it was already all of these things.

With each successive cycle of wholeness, division, and wholeness again (the theme of life, death, and rebirth which shows up in so much of our mythology, i.e., cycles within cycles), the light further explored itself: a universe of atoms was followed by a universe of molecules which led to physicality which begat heat and cold, stars and black holes, galaxies and planets. And these planets were explored further, with each having a different set of rules and properties, like ours with its combination of earth, air, fire and water. But eventually all of these rules would lead to the molecules breaking down and then combining, once again, into the everything that they already were and always had been. This fine-tuning went on and on. After each new universe was born and destroyed, the light divided itself into finer and finer entities that needed to go through a more and more complex sequence of events before becoming whole. And each of these sequences took more and more time to play out.

Once the light knew all dimensions of itself it wanted to know all physicality, then all thought, emotion, spirit, and on and on—sub-category within subcategory. Happy compared with sad, then ecstatic versus depressed, then blissful versus miserable, and it continued on with more and more refined expressions of what it was. Life was created to be a more individual vehicle for the light’s experience. Life multiplied into many lives and then many species, so the light could express further aspects of itself. Each new universe had more rules and complications so that the sequence of events would take longer and longer to play out before becoming whole. And since the light is infinite, getting to know itself could never truly be complete. Still, since time is an illusion, all these cycles always exist in the moment. And since the moment is all there is, the light is continually refining, and therefore, continually growing, just as our own universe is continually expanding (in space) and continually dividing into smaller and smaller components (on a sub-atomic scale). There is no end to this process and no real meaning other than the light’s process of defining itself.

The illusion of time also means that every universe that was ever created or destroyed actually exists right now. It also means that you are connected to every one of these universes and have, without realizing it, lived in millions of them in your own present lifetime, based upon where your thoughts were taking you. These universes are likely very similar to one another, but just different enough to be a match for the mind-state you were in that brought you there. For whatever reason, all of us leaped into a universe where the World Trade Center was destroyed by airplanes and where a Black man became president of the U.S. Not all of our past selves experienced that. And all of us reading this now will experience different futures, but will never realize that we have separated since there will be versions of most everyone you know in those worlds as well. But I digress.

After a near-infinite number of attempts, the light created the universe we now experience. A universe where it split itself into countless life forms—organisms, plants, animals, and intelligent beings—all to know itself. One day, all of these life forms will come to know that they are all one, the containers shall shatter, the illusion will be uncovered, and light will be revealed (apocalypse means “ to uncover or reveal”). At that moment we will become one with all energy and the light will know itself again. Once the light is whole, it will divide itself even further to create an even more complex universe so that the process of reuniting will take even longer to play out. This next universe will also be more refined than our current one, and some of us may soon be able to leap into if we raise our consciousness to its level of thinking (many believe we will be aided in doing this beginning on December 21 of this year). The longer the light takes to discover itself, the more fulfilling that discovery is. But once that knowing is experienced, another must be created to reach that same level of growth, just as how a muscle must be continually stressed to grow, or how it takes more and more of a drug to get an effect from it (“God is a junkie” has 845,000 hits on Google—cycles within…okay, you get it). All of these rules come from the root-level truth about what we all are. This is why all truth can be revealed from our myths, including the myths of our various religions, which are really just metaphors for this original story. (In the beginning God said, “Let there be light” yadda yadda, he had a son (light) who was born, died and resurrected blah blah blah…revelations.)

A succession of increasingly complicated universes to enable us to continually uncover what we are—this, I believe, is the answer to everything. It isn’t very technical or poetic but it is the reason I believe all of us are here and why we all have challenges to fulfill and what the main objective of all these challenges are.  The point is for all of us to refine our tiny piece of the light and then come together so that we may all do it again. And once you know that, there doesn’t seem to be a reason for us to fight, or hate, or be jealous, or have while others want. We are all one. Just enjoy the ride. It doesn’t serve you to live in the past or live for the future or worry about either. It doesn’t serve you to live so that you might get into a heaven nor does it serve you to live just for yourself. Live with the knowledge that we are all one and are in the process of remembering that truth. Make every decision with this in mind and you will be on your path. And when you are on your path you allow others to be on theirs and the process all comes together and we can all share that orgasmic moment of realization together—a feeling deeper than anything we’ve ever felt before. A feeling that we’ll want to linger as long as we can, so that it can touch every aspect of our being. Then, we can let it go, reminisce about all the elements of it that are still etched somewhere in our psyche —elements that will form our mythology in the next universe to come. We will bath in the glow of our reunited energy but as it wanes, the light will create another, even longer series of processes to get the same high that comes from reassembling after an extended period of separation. And then, our journey from darkness (separated physicality) to light (united energy) and all the mythologies about the process, start all over again.

At first, the process is heavy and slow, becoming lighter and quicker as it becomes more and more finely tuned. The light has a limitless budget, playing field, and imagination. It has no time constraints or constraints of any sort. The universes it creates are always perfect and always end with the desired result. We are all here just to help bring it all together. We choose how beautiful that ride gets to be. It’s completely our choice. You simply make up your mind. After all, you are part of the mind that created this universe, and all of the mind that created your life. How would you like it all to play out? There is no wrong answer. There is only the light getting to know itself as good, evil, love, hate, beautiful, ugly, it’s all a part of the everything. Nothing has any more value than anything else. Even “nothing” itself has value for the absence of something is itself something.

Hopefully, at least some of what you just read has resonated. You’ve allowed part of the light to remember and if it feels right, if it feels like truth, share it. Once we all remember what we are we can consciously create the experience of our choosing. Any one we wish. All of these movie messages and fairytales were true because they were written from the knowing that is etched into our elements from infinite lifetimes. It’s like a muscle memory; a subconscious knowing that is becoming conscious and soon collectively conscious.

Pass on this conscious wisdom so that we may all begin dreaming the same dream, and then, making it our reality. Or, let us linger in this delayed fulfillment. There is no right or wrong. There is only your experience and what you chose for it to be. That experience can be nothing since there is nothing we have to do. But the more we challenge ourselves to grow, the more fulfilling the process.

This first article pretty much sums up all that needs to be said as to why I believe we are here. Everything I write in this category from this point forward will just be fine-tuning it with real-world examples to make it more relatable to our lives. In future articles I will be exploring seemingly esoteric concepts and comparing them with everyday ideas we are familiar with to make them easily understandable. The whole cycles within cycles process of our world is what allows me to do that. Future articles will be clarifying how we are all connected, what the “soul vibrations” that spiritual types always talk about really are, how forgiveness can change your life, why the fighting between religious groups are built into our universe’s laws, and how all of this can help you in your own life right now.

Currently, some of the world’s smartest people are trying to come up with a unified theory for everything. They are trying to unite time and space with electromagnetism (energy) and subatomic forces. They are trying to understand multiverses and string theory (that all matter is composed of vibrating “strings”), quantum entanglement (that separated atoms are somehow still connected) and other seemingly bizarre aspects of quantum physics, experimenting to see if we all exist in a sort of invisible source field, and calculating to see why the mathematics of black holes indicates that we all live in an illusionary existence.  At the same time, other smart people are trying to understand God, the soul, how the law of attraction may work, what déjà vu is, what may happen at the end of 2012, why we are all connected, and what our role is in all of it. Answers to all those questions—both the spiritual and scientific, which are of course, one and the same—can be found in what you just read. You may or may not believe that it is a simple explanation of everything. I cannot prove it with experiments or math. Only my gut tells me it’s true, as best as I can currently comprehend it (meaning, what I wrote about, not my gut which I cannot comprehend whatsoever). Whether it rings true for you or not, all I suggest is that you be open to such a truth existing. You just may wake up in the universe where it’s about to be made known to everyone.

May Your Inner Spark Grow To Light Your Way,


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Marc Oromaner is a spiritual author and speaker who teaches how we can discover our destiny using clues found in the media and in our lives. His book, The Myth of Lost deciphers the hidden wisdom of the hit TV show and explains how we can use this wisdom to overcome our own challenges. His blog, “The Layman’s Answers To Everything” points out the patterns that run through all great stories including our own. These patterns are clues that are meant to guide us towards a life full of love, light, and fulfillment.

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The Layman posted at 2012-4-5 Category: Answers to Everything

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  1. #1cecilia @ 2012-4-5 10:24 Reply

    “When a tzaddik departs he is to be found in all the worlds more than during his lifetime”

    • #2The Layman @ 2012-4-5 13:12 Reply

      Wow, thanks Cecilia! Brought back trippy ayahuasca memories. Felt like I was slipping through the universe. As for the quote, learned in Kabbalah that when a tzaddik departs, his/her energy is available to be connected to, and hence, a holiday is usually celebrated that day. Never heard about that energy being available in all the worlds though. But I believe that it would be true of all of us, regardless of how enlightened we are. Thanks for posting!

  2. #3Doppelganger @ 2012-4-22 23:37 Reply

    It makes about as much sense as anything else we’ve been taught to believe. This whole post felt like a ayahuasca trip. Thanks for the ride.

    • #4The Layman @ 2012-5-7 11:01 Reply

      You’re welcome. My hope is that as we evolve, we no longer need to be taught to believe what is true, but instead, can learn how to uncover the truth within ourselves. Once that happens, no one group can control our spiritual experiences or decide what kind of connection is right or wrong for us to have.

  3. #5babsy3 @ 2012-5-21 16:44 Reply

    This is very interesting reading ! I have a whole new outlook…it actually
    makes a lot of sense to me. I will be reading more…..

  4. #7Elaine Morrison @ 2012-10-12 21:22 Reply

    Yes. That non-recombination reason of the multiplicity is very good.

    • #8The Layman @ 2012-10-25 00:29 Reply

      Thanks Elaine. It reminds me of the song “Heaven” by the Talking Heads, “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.” In short, it’s boring. So chaos is created to make us strive for something and make it interesting.

  5. #9gacoki @ 2015-4-14 15:45 Reply

    As a student of Physics and Computer Science, I find this a beautiful union of theory. Glad this is still here 3 years later.

    • #10The Layman @ 2015-7-31 19:25 Reply

      Thanks Gacoki, I plan to keep these articles up as long as possible with a tad of impossible tacked on the end.

  6. #11Tiger @ 2016-7-23 05:24 Reply

    We co’vudle done with that insight early on.

  7. #12jim pedro @ 2017-5-22 10:14 Reply

    I am a student in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), this is very interesting and many scientist are still trying to figure out ‘answers to everything’

  8. #13jim pedro @ 2017-5-22 10:14 Reply


  9. #14isaac salinas @ 2017-6-15 16:42 Reply

    i am a student at Mendota high school and i need help with my english unit to graduate and i need help with the protest the unit is called MS: English: Basic Reading (Flex)

  10. #15Neil @ 2019-1-14 15:39 Reply

    This line of thinking very much follows what Edgar Cayce believes in concerning the creation of the universe. He believes that there was light that wanted to know everything so it fractured itself into pieces (spirits) and attached themselves to souls (the free will mind) in order to experience life outside the light and later it will all come back together at the end.

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