Diary of a Layman #28 (Fall): Fasten Your Safety Belt


There is certainly no shortage of theories about what may or may not happen on December 21. Of course, nearly all of them will turn out to be wrong. My experience has shown however, that there is one thing you can do that will likely be beneficial regardless of what’s in store for us: think positive.

By now, most of those who move in spiritual circles know that the end of the Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the end of the world; that it’s just the completion of a cycle signifying the end of an age. In fact, the ancient Mayan’s themselves referred to dates occurring after the end of the cycle. What most spiritualists do believe though, is that it will signify the coming of a new dimension, bring on a new energy, or involve an evolution of the earth and/or all life on it. That seems to jibe with what I’ve been picking up on.

Even if you don’t believe in any significance to the Mayan calendar end-date at all, there are a lot of collaborating predictions about this time in history ranging from the Hopi Indians and Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes to Edgar Cayce and a recently discovered book that may have belonged to Nostradamus. While any skeptic can point to hundreds of failed predictions, this time, I do feel that something of a grand scale will happen on December 21, if for no other reason, because so many people are convinced that it will.

I believe that we create our reality through our thoughts and emotions. So what you think about and give energy to on a personal level becomes your individual experience. I also believe that when huge populations think and feel strongly about something—this mass consciousness resonates in a way that can manifest as major events on the planet.

When Y2K came and went without incident, most people assumed that all that fear and worry was for nothing. I would agree that it wasn’t beneficial, but not that it was for nothing. I’d say that it created the traumatic events of 9/ll that happened a bit over a year and a half later. Today, I don’t think that a unified mass conscious thought would take nearly as long to manifest.

From what I’ve pieced together from Kabbalah and other sources, the veil that separates our illusionary world from its true source is thinning. This veil provides a separation of time and space between our thoughts and how they manifest so that it isn’t easy to see the connection. However, as we’ve moved closer and closer to December 21, that separation has gotten thinner and thinner to the point that it will cease to exist. Without the veil, our thoughts and feelings are instantly manifested.

I recently learned that this moment is referred to as zero point. I’m not big on terms. When I’m transcribing the ideas that come to me, they don’t come with official terminology or information as to whether anyone else has ever mentioned them before. I have no idea whether what I’m writing about is old news that’s already well known among either spiritualists or scientists, or if its something nobody’s ever heard of.

Someone reading my raw Layman trilogy manuscripts once told me that he was familiar with much of what I was writing about and described several points with all kinds of esoteric terms and philosophies. I knew of none of it. Hell, I can barely figure out what’s going on during a football game let alone these complex principles. But that’s the point and it’s why my books and blog are titled, The Layman’s Answers To Everything. I’m no expert and have never pretended to be. If I come off as one, it’s only because whatever the source is that is providing me with this info seems to know what it’s talking about. Much of what it had me write in the, as of yet, unpublished Layman books has come to pass. On that note, something does happen in the story on December 21, 2012, but it is an event caused by man, not nature. Yet, since so much of the story involves mythology and symbolism, it seems to give added weight to the idea that we are going to cause whatever happens on that day—either physically or through our thoughts.

The idea that thoughts are tangible things which have creative power is pretty much spirituality 101. But I don’t think there is anything spiritual or mystical about why this happens. It’s science.

There have been a lot of scientific experiments showing that we may have a sixth sense—the kind of feeling you get when you know that someone is looking at you before you see that they are. Those doing these experiments have concluded that thoughts have physicality—that they’re energy. And through the magnetic field of the earth, they can connect all of us to one another. This web of human thoughts and emotions is known by many names—a morphic field, source field, or, as it’s known by those from my generation, The Force.

Not only is there evidence that thoughts can pass from one another, but that they can also pass through time as well. Experiments involving random number generators from around the world not only showed a significant change in randomness on 9/11, the changes actually began before the events of that day had even begun—almost as though the world sensed it before it had occurred. So if there were a powerful enough thought or emotion from our future—one, say that a massive amount of people will feel simultaneously, it could theoretically reach across time and connect with us now.

Our collective unconsciousness knows no time limits. So if some major event related to either a great change in our planet, the evolution of our species, or a connection with alien life forms were to happen in the near future, we would be feeling something now. There seems to be no doubt that many of us are. I believe that something in our near-future has evoked such a strong response that it’s sent shock waves of thoughts and emotions through time and we’re currently picking up on them. But, these thoughts and emotions don’t translate directly to our conscious minds. Just as conscious thoughts and emotions manifest as archetypes and symbols in our dreams, so too do the messages from our future conscious minds appear to us in the present.

Symbolically, heightened emotion is often represented by water. This is why the clichéd love scene features a reunited couple kissing in the rain. I would say that the recent deluge of floods, hurricanes and tsunamis—including both the massive Indonesian and Japanese tsunamis—are indicative of a massive emotional outburst. This could be one from the past, present or future (but the future ones are more noticeable since they’re not based on anything that’s happened yet). The water in these cases is overwhelming us, which is a reflection of being overcome by emotion. The emotion could be positive or negative, it’s just overwhelming.

Unlike emotions, thoughts show up a bit less cryptically. In fact, I think they manifest fairly close in meaning to the original source message, usually appearing as clues and patterns similar to those that were revealed to the castaways on the TV show, Lost. However, like the emotional echo, the clues that we receive from thoughts may not be coming from some magical source or guardian angel—but from us—subconsciously—from our future.

If millions of people have a powerful, emotionally/energetically charged thought, it carries its energy through time until it manifests as a clue for us. And it’s likely not just limited to one time either, which helps us uncover the clue when the same or similar words keep popping up in different places connected by the same emotional response.

For example, the super hurricane Sandy was a major storm that is likely the response of a major emotion. Initially, I thought this emotion was from the continual bickering resulting from the presidential election, and it very well could’ve been. Superstorm Sandy hit the U.S. east coast with a vengeance, causing the worst flood damage (emotion) to New York and New Jersey. But the clue that followed changed my mind about its origins.

The next time our nation was hit with such a huge emotional blow was this past Friday, December 14, when news hit about the shootings in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. So now we have New Jersey, New York, and Newtown, CT—the tri-state area as it’s known—all overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. I see a massive emotion connecting to the word “new.” The thoughts are manifesting very clearly here. Of course, “new” is a fairly common location name. But what truly connects these two tragedies for me is “Sandy”—Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook, the name of the elementary school where the shootings occurred. It’s another pattern. What could Sandy represent? Sandy is a Greek name, meaning protector or defender of man. It also contains the root, “sand,” as in “earth.” So put together the words that show up at both events and you get a message about a “new protector of man” or a “new earth.”

So if some major world-changing event were to happen soon, religious people would likely describe it with a messianic theme: that Jesus of the trinity (tri-state) has been reborn (new) to take his rightful place as the defender of man (the meaning of Sandy). Non-religious spiritual people however would interpret the same event differently—as a New Earth, the combination of the clues. Atheists won’t know what the hell to think. But every group will be flooded with emotion over this great change which bleeds through to our timeline and manifests as hurricanes and tsunamis.

You can choose to shake your head in skepticism at my word acrobatics, be intrigued by them, or ignore them, but I have seen time and time again that this is exactly how the world works. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I’m getting closer.

Some of you may be able to connect to the idea of the hurricane as a manifestation of a flood of emotions, but what could killing little kids possible relate to? What kind of universe would allow such a horrible act as part of its planned communication? The short answer is that it was not part of the plan at all. Just as with tarot cards, death represents change, not literal death. And kids represent our future generation. So, there is a major change coming having to do with our future generation. This likely has to do with our evolution via the mutation of our DNA.

This is an extremely powerful message. And there are people out there who are very sensitive to even the subtlest messages. Some of these super sensitive people learn to sublimate these messages through art, music, poetry, or writing really long blog posts. However, others haven’t sufficiently learned how to handle the energies, and it begins to eat away at them little by little. These are the schizophrenics of our society, the outcasts. You’ll see them talking or even yelling to themselves. I see them in my neighborhood all the time. Psycho killers often blame their actions on voices. Yes, they are hearing voices—voices of our past, present or future thoughts that are skipping along the earth’s magnetic field. They are the emotionally charged thoughts that bombard the brain. If you don’t find an outlet, you become a ticking time bomb.

The gunman at the elementary school was an open channel who did not know how to control or interpret the messages he was able to pick up on. And he wasn’t the only one. Most people aren’t aware of this but there was another attack on an elementary school involving twenty-something children that happened in China on the very same day. What are the odds?

Just to clarify, I don’t mean to belittle the devastation caused by any of these tragedies or their victims by reducing them all to messages coming from our current or future state of mind. My point is just that there is a bigger picture going on, and if we can learn how it works, we can learn to control it to avoid such tragedies in the future. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families who have suffered great loss. But if we can understand why this is happening, we can prevent many, if not all, needless killings in the future. Gun control does not get to the root of the issue. It’s like fixing a leaky roof with a bucket. Instead, we must learn to identify open channels and teach them how to use their gifts. Our greatest strength is our greatest curse until we learn how to master it. Not only did we lose many innocent children and teachers on December 14, we lost what could’ve been a very gifted artist, writer, speaker, or even prophet who fell through the cracks of society where no one heard his cries so he made one last desperate attempt to exorcise his demons because he didn’t recognize them as angels. This all could’ve been avoided.

Now that the damage has been done, the least we can do is heed the message so it won’t all be for nothing. A great change is coming that is going to affect our earth and ourselves. All the signs are there. What can we do about it? Be prepared—mentally, socially, however you can. The greatest damage will be on a psychological level. We must grow ourselves to handle the huge surge of energy that’s coming our way or we too may snap like so many who are sensitive but not developed enough to handle these ever-growing energies. Soon, we will all be hearing the voices. The trick is to understand what they are saying, and the key to that is understanding the language of the subconscious—archetype, symbolism, and metaphor.

Thankfully, massive emotional manifestations aren’t reserved solely for devastating world events—they show up in other ways as the result of collective thoughts and emotions.

I find that sporting events are a perfect example. Each team has its own energetic signature and because so many people have so much thought and emotion invested in them, they make excellent tools for manifesting energies from our past present or future consciousness. This is why the Giants, aka, “Big Blue” won the Superbowl in 2008 and 2012—the years that Obama won the election on the blue, Democratic ticket. It’s also why the Jets—the representation of technology in flight, won it all the year we put a man on the moon.

As my skeptical friends would say, it’s easy to connect patterns after they happen. I agree. But when a friend who knew of my spiritual sports patterns came to me the year when the big news story was about trapped miners and asked who’d win the Superbowl that season, I told him the Steelers. He won a lot of money. I should’ve put some faith in my theories. But just as with Edgar Cayce, sometimes our gifts can only be used to better mankind, not for selfish, materialistic gain.

Now that we have a better idea how manifestations work, let’s get back to the thinning veil, the zero point, where our thoughts and emotions will begin to manifest closer and closer in time and space to their original source, until they are instantaneous on December 21.

As mentioned in my previous post, “Is Time Speeding Up Or Is It Just You?”, we are currently going though a time crunch that is causing the repeating themes of our world to hit us faster and faster and for shorter and shorter durations of time. The crunch will reach a peak on December 21. That’s when we hit the middle of the record—where all the themes of our world hit us all in one day. This includes, but is not limited to, the theme of creation (new inventions, medicines, works of art), of polar opposites (political battles, war), of evolution and change (being forced outside our comfort zone), of ethics and truth (revealing people for who they are and hidden agendas), of ego and materialism (causing that which is based on the illusion of materialism to topple since it has no real foundation), and more.

These are the world-changing events, but we’ve gone through them all before. In fact, we hit all of them in this past year. What’s truly special about this time, however, concerns the thinning veil between our holographic reality and its actual source. Usually there is a large gap of time and space between our thoughts and what they manifest. This is what enables us to stay in the illusion, without realizing that we are creating everything around us—in our lives and in the world. It’s what enables the game to work. Once the illusion of time and space is reduced to mere seconds, you can quickly begin to figure out how it operates.

On December 21, and the days leading up to it, we will all be able to experience instant karma. That’s good knows for most of us, and you know who you are. If you want to see how you think about yourself and the world, look at what’s happened in your life in the past week. It will all happen again on December 21—unless you change your mind about who you are. You can do that, because we are the creators of the story. We are all what we think of as God. If everyone knew this, it would be dangerous for those in power who want to keep everyone else down. Luckily for us, they won’t be in power much longer as divisions, religions, and politics as usual begin to crumble in the coming years.

December 21 gives us a blank slate, a day to decide who you want to be by being that person at that exact moment. You don’t need to go to some Mayan ceremony or spiritual event to take advantage of this. The official time of the solstice is December 21, 2012 at 11:11 UTC/GMT which is 6:11AM EST. (Those of you who keep seeing 11:11 everyplace, now you now why. I suspect the hexagons and honeycombs will come into play as well as they’ve probably been echoing back too.) At that time, sit comfortably on your bed with a loved ones or loved ones—you can connect on the phone or even in your mind—even to those who’ve passed on (so says spirit, I just channeled that last part). Light some white sage if it helps clear your energies. Then, just breathe. Focus on your breath, on the moment. Then, see yourself in your grandest vision of who you are—your greatest potential. Feel what that would feel like—smile, laugh, feel bliss. You are perfect. Now, how can you express that essence to the world and show them that they are perfect too?

This past week, the universe (aka, the instant manifestation of my thoughts) has been showing me who I am. It has not come as a surprise to me, but there are definitely things I’d like to change.

My computer died this past weekend. It will be missed. I had been thinking about how I needed a new computer recently. Bingo. But then my poor-me side popped up—thinking about all the crap that always seems to happen to me. My time-challenged side also came up, thinking about how I just didn’t have time for this right now! I needed to immediately get it fixed. I lugged my desktop computer to the car to take it to the computer repair shop and wouldn’t you know it? The car battery was dead.

On the subway wheeling around my computer on a luggage cart, I saw what was happening. Yes, even I who writes about all this constantly sometimes misses the obvious connections. I am someone who feels he needs another computer, someone who feels like unexpected crap always happens to him, and someone who always feels too busy to do anything about either problem. Blam!  The universe makes a triple play, addressing every one of these issues in one full swoop. I now had two unexpected crappy things to deal with, had less time, and was going to need a new computer (as I soon found out).

Incidentally, the first version of this post that I’d spent two days writing was on that computer and not backed up anyplace else. While it shared many of the themes of this post, it was also very different. Perhaps, that post was only meant for me, as no one else will ever see it. Most people will never even see this post as all my email contacts are on that computer. (I should get them again once I get my new one since I have them backed up.) If you are reading this, consider yourself one of the very, very few who are meant to. In short, for whatever reason, you were chosen to have knowledge that most people don’t have. Please use it wisely.

As you can probably imagine, I don’t wish to be a poor-me, stressed-out, time-constrained, person with an old computer. So, on December 21, I will envision a new me. I will use the remainder of the day to see what comes back at me. If it’s still not to my liking, I will meditate and imagine again.

I am hopeful that it will work. While on the subway, shortly after realizing what I’d manifested, I decided to instead imagine money coming my way to see what would happen. While walking to the computer repair store, $20 floats from the sky and lands at my feet. I don’t say this often, but I swear to God. I assumed it came from the man walking in front of me. I called to him, and told him he’d dropped his money. He looked at me puzzled, as though it wasn’t his, but then said it must’ve been and took it anyway.

That’s another aspect of a person I am—a good person, but a person who’s frequently passing his blessings onto others. I’m still not sure if the money was the guy’s or not. I should’ve asked what denomination he was holding. But I just didn’t expect $20 to fly at me from nowhere. I think I found $5.00 once in my life—that was the most until this incident.

So, I had focused on money but netted nothing. So, I tried again. I imagined getting an amazing deal on a new laptop. The next day, my wife calls me and says a friend of ours who used to work at the Apple store can get me 25% off! How does anyone get 25% off from Apple? This is the company that’s making me throw out (recycle) my computer because they don’t make “vintage” parts for computers more than five years old! Surely, this was a miracle.

The point of all this is that even us spiritual types can get tripped up by negative thinking—most of us do. We’re trained to. We are trained to think of every possible thing that could go wrong so we will be prepared should it happen, and then curse the world when it does, not realizing that we just created it by focusing on what we didn’t want! It’s the genie or leprechaun myth: be careful what you wish for.

So, what will happen after December 21? I believe that all of us will be on a new level of the game. After all, we’ll be more aware of the rules so they will have to change to keep us challenged. In spiritual terms, we will all be ascending. We are all energy and as the planet ascends, we will all go along with it. HOWEVER, there is a big piece here I’ve left out despite having written about in many of my prior posts: the multiverse.

Since time is an illusion and there is only one moment, all possible moments must exist simultaneously. When we make a decision about something, we pop into the dimension where that reality already exists. So while a version of all of us will be jumping to this new reality, a version also may not. The good news is that you get to choose which version of yourself that your current consciousness connects to. Make your decision on December 21 or it will be made for you by your subconscious. Should this happen, it’s like being dragged into a new challenge, kicking and screaming. Better to be prepared, let go, and accept whichever path you chose.

My advice is that there is no right or wrong choice. Just make sure that your decision is not based in fear. In other words, choose the option that challenges you more. For many of you, that could mean remaining here, in this heavier, materialistic world. But maybe you can help bring in more light.

Simply focus on what you want to happen. Your pineal gland is the gateway that enables the jump. (Ever notice the pinecone shape on the head of statues of Eastern gods and other religious symbols? The pineal gland is shaped like a pinecone, it’s our third eye.) Just envision what you’d prefer and it will be so!

Whatever you decide, I’d like to thank all of you—those who continually provided me with support, those who chose just to read without feedback, and those who provided their criticisms and corrections. You have helped this blog live up to its name, and for that I am truly grateful.

For those who choose to leap into the next reality, I wish you all a journey filled with lots of love, light, and laughter. Unfortunately, I won’t be joining you—not this version of myself anyway. I have been told that I will be staying behind to help those who were not ready to move on. Part of me feels like this is an honor; being a bodhisattva of sorts who chooses to delay his own enlightenment in order to help enlighten others. But I haven’t chosen it. Not consciously anyway. Which leads to how the other part of me feels about this: like it’s a punishment. A punishment for not doing the main task I was put on this planet to do.

I was given wisdom far beyond what I can understand myself for the purpose of sharing it as the story of The Layman trilogy. All I had to do was get it published and its wisdom would have been available to all. But I didn’t. So, I must stay behind until I do.

Like Moses after he shattered the word of God, I think I’m supposed to help guide us to the Promised Land. I don’t think we’ll need to wander in the desert for 40 years though. I believe I have until some time from 2025 (the time of the ascension in the Layman trilogy) to 2033 (the final date in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid according to pyramidology). I sense that there will be another window of opportunity to join up with everyone else who already ascended during this time, or perhaps the window will remain open the entire time. Also unlike Moses, I think I will be allowed to enter the Promised Land of this new dimension. As will you.

If you wake up on December 22 and find yourself in a world like this one where I haven’t published the Layman trilogy, then it’s likely that you haven’t leaped either (or, that your current consciousness chose to stay, maybe to help me so I can help everyone else). And because we are directly connected here, this may be a likely scenario since your destiny might be held up until I do what I’m supposed to do. I can’t begin to tell you how many people in my life seem to be in a holding pattern—just waiting for something to occur so they can do what they were born to do. That’s not to say that the universe relies on just one outlet to get out its messages. I’m sure there are many, but perhaps all of them have dropped the ball.

The wisdom I was given for the Layman trilogy was likely shared with many modern day shamans, but it was realized the best through the TV show Lost. I was often amazed at the similarities between the show, my book, and my life. But for whatever reason—corporate pressure, audience demands, ego interference, or a faulty connection—I feel that the ending was not the story we were meant to hear. The conclusion answered a question that wasn’t provided until the sixth season. But a unified solution to the mysteries of the island was never provided. Perhaps that was intentional.

Lost took us forward a giant leap in understanding how we are all connected, that everything happens for a reason, and that there are hidden clues all around us that help guide us on our journey. Perhaps Lost was the warm up and The Layman books will help us put it all together—continuing with the messages where Lost left off. Maybe this was all part of the plan. After all, the acronym for Layman’s Answers To Everything is LATE. Better late than never.

Still, I’d like to think that there is a dimension where I did publish the trilogy already. And maybe in that version of reality, everyone on the planet gets to ascend from the perspective of their current consciousness. Regardless, as with Lost or Titanic, I hope we can all meet up again in whichever dimension so we can all share stories of what a wild, strange trip it’s been.

While I always do my best to be genuine in my posts, I’m sure that there will be readers of this one who see it as a very convenient excuse. Basically, I can’t be wrong. If we all ascend on Friday or go through a major change, I can say I’d predicted it. If nothing happens, I can say that everyone ascended but this version of our consciousness did not. I am not trying to be a prophet. My goal is to figure out the rules to the game we’re all playing so we can have the most fulfilling life possible.

I can only say what has been true for my experience. That truth is that the energetic themes of life have been speeding up, that our thoughts and emotions are manifesting quicker and quicker due to the thinning veil which separates the illusion of time and space, that we will be entering a new level of this game on December 21, but not everyone will get to experience its full effects. What all of us will experience is a world where thoughts manifest quicker, hidden truths will be revealed, and where all life on earth will noticeably evolve.

Should I be wrong, I will welcome that experience. It will enable me to learn and grow and help me to further erode my ego, which I think can often detract from the purity of the messages I receive and pass along to others. In other words, being right isn’t contingent on my happiness or my feelings that I have an import role to play. The Layman trilogy and this blog have already made dozens of predictions that have come to pass. In fact, scientists are currently looking into whether our world is actually a simulation—something I’ve been writing about for years. I’ll write more on that in January, 2013…for those who are still here.

May your inner spark grow to light your way,
The Layman

UPDATE: Ken Hill posted this on The Myth of Lost Facebook Page. Thanks Ken!

“Here is another shooting (at a place called the MAYAN Palace)…and two high schools where I live (AZ) just this morning, calls came into the police that there is a student walking around with a gun. Things like this are months or weeks apart…but now it seems only days. Looks like that Time Wave Zero Theory may have some validity.”

As mentioned in a previous post, when elements from certain movies connect, it means that the message of those movies connect as well. It’s the same with real life. We had Hurricane Sandy that devastated New York and New Jersey that connects to “New” in Newtown and “Sandy” of Sandy Hook. So we get New and Sandy=Sand=Earth: New Earth. Then there’s the school stabbing the same day in China, which connects to this event at China Garden, where the shooter than goes into the MAYAN Palace. So New Earth is connected to the Mayan end date. Of course, it could very well be that this is because so many people are THINKING about this with a highly charged emotional response and not have to do with the reality. But based on the power of these manifestations, I think it is related to real events.

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  1. #1Mark Schwimmer @ 2012-12-20 13:41 Reply

    I particularly like the idea of the “thinning of the veil” between thought and manifestation. You indicate a recursive loop where negativity promulgates more negativity
    In the work I do with clients, I first and foremost elicit their experience of having their imagination stimulated in a powerfully positive pleasant way. Neurologically it is called an “excitatory” bias. A state often described as containing a paradox…like “relaxed/energy. Its a state of readiness where they are fully in control of their resources, so much so that they experience, the ability to do anything, they are capable of. I always include “learning” in that mix.
    I rapidly oscillate this state with a consideration of them being in the world, or a larger consideration, of the universe, it emerges so I’m ok with either. The oscillation creates a direction in which to be taking action, or remaining merely ready to take action. Kind of like a jaguar lazing on a rock near a waterfall waiting for dinner to show up.
    Those I work with gradually begin to attend more and more to the creation of positive outcomes in relationships, and in their creations that are highly satisfying for them. They give little attention to the destructive signals that exist around us ‘which suggest we live in a place where we need to imagine a fearful, or dystopian future in order to insure our survival.

    I mention this for a reason, this generates an “inhibitory” bias, where the imagination is stimulated in a negative unpleasant way. Kind of how the news media likes to stimulate your imagination with powerful images of destruction and pain. Because of our genetic heritage, in which those who responded to false positives by running away at the sound of the wind rustling in the tall grass, imagining a man-eating predator hunting us for his dinner, enabled our species to select for an overruling inhibitory bias, insuring survival with a penchant for anxiety about it. As a result, we can’t take our eyes off of the images of the destruction of Sandy, or the grief of the Newtown tragedy.

    If an fact a “new age” has begun to “thin the veil” between our thoughts and manifestation, it would serve all of us well, to first of all, learn how to access and sustain the “excitatory” bias I speak of, so that our loftiest creations of positive possibility can take hold in the shortest amount of time.

    I understand that this would not necessarily be welcomed by those who are generating great fortune by keeping us fearful, and insecure, because like that we are willing to condone massive actions involving very expensive technology, surveillance, bullets, bombs, missiles, and militias of blue shirted thugs depriving us of our civil liberties “for our own protection.” Back in my day, we would just through flowers at them.

    So on this day of consideration of “a new age” I would like to offer a solution for those who would like to take advantage of what I offer. With your permission I would like to proudly and shamelessly invite those for whom this piece resonates, to join me by clicking here: http://newyorkawarenesscenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Power-Range-flyer-new-2013.pdf

    • #2The Layman @ 2012-12-21 18:32 Reply

      Thanks for sharing all that Mark and tying in what you do to what I wrote about our positive/negative thinking. To translate into Layman’s terms then, where the mind goes, energy flows, and you help train the brain to focus on where it wants to go.

      As for throwing flowers at cops back in your day, unless you were like, five-years-old at the time, I find it hard to believe that you’re that old. If so, I guess the time crunch I wrote about in the previous post has really worked its magic on you!


  2. #3Joe @ 2012-12-27 14:20 Reply


    Another good post. I always enjoy your writings, and check back regularly to see if there is anything new. Even before reading this post, the thought had also occured to me that it was a wierd coincidence that the word Sandy was associated with both the hurricane and with the Connecticut shooting. I have two questions for you. Even though my world seems the same today as it did on December 20th, how do I know that I didn’t make a leap into a new dimension? Maybe it seems the same right now, but what is waiting to unfold will be very new and different. Second, you mentioned your wife. Does she share your views that the universe sends us clues, etc. When I talk about these kinds of things with my wife, I think she thinks I’m sort of nuts. Thanks, Marc. Keep up the great posts.


    • #4The Layman @ 2013-1-5 00:51 Reply

      Thanks for your comments and questions Joe! My feeling is that something ended on December 21 and that we are in a sort of holding pattern right now until the next level begins, which I believe will happen on March 20, 2013 (spring equinox). We probably all have made a leap on some level. I don’t think it’s the highest level we were capable of, but there is still potential for us to get there. I definitely feel like events will begin to unfold that will offer new challenges and opportunities unlike any we’ve ever experienced before.

      As for my wife, she says she “somewhat” believes in my philosophies. Actually, healthier for me as having a “yes” person so close to me might cause me to lose touch with the reality of most people’s beliefs. Of course, I still have many non-believers in my life so my hope is that she comes on board to at least the basics of my views at some point. She has said that she is more of a believer now than when we first met so I feel that while it may take a lifetime (or more) she may eventually come to see life similarly. And if she doesn’t that’s fine too.

  3. #7Emmanuel Lopez @ 2012-12-29 10:46 Reply

    Wow, this was an epic post Marc! Thank you for so many amazing insights. One I loved was “Not only is there evidence that thoughts can pass from one another, but that they can also pass through time as well.” That statement just blew my mind and felt a powerful truth about it. So your article helped me expand my imagination even more and feel so excited about 2013! Happy New Year!

    • #8The Layman @ 2013-1-5 00:59 Reply

      Thanks Em-man! Yes, I’m beginning to believe that many of the clues we receive are actually coming from ourselves–attached to a strong emotion, they ripple through time and manifest as a clue in our current reality. Glad the article helped expand your mind and happiness! Happy New Year to you too!

      • #9Emmanuel Lopez @ 2013-1-6 11:15 Reply

        Wow Marc! I got spiritual chills up my spine reading your reply! That’s always a sign of divine truth touching my heart! Thank you so much for the inspiring quantum wisdom!

        • #10The Layman @ 2013-1-10 20:10 Reply

          You’re very welcome! And thank you for continuing to show people the light through films. We are riding the same wave soul bro.

  4. #11David Oromaner @ 2013-1-5 18:10 Reply

    Hey Brother,
    Great post! You passed the $20 dollar bill on and then received a much greater savings with the macbook pro. That’s the law of karma in action!

    • #12The Layman @ 2013-1-10 20:14 Reply

      Ha ha—and I received way more than $20 off! I like how that worked. There’s a kabbalistic saying about giving the light just a pinprick size hole and that’s all it needs to begin enlightening the darkness. In other words, by giving just a bit of ourselves and stepping just a little beyond our selfish ways, we allow much more energy to return!

  5. #13Carol K. @ 2013-1-12 15:55 Reply

    hi marc,
    i have so much to write, but an incredibly intense spell of chronic fatigue has me limited. just discovered your writings several days ago and have been reading all the recent – 2 months or so back- stuff.

    i can’t begin to say how many of your ideas align with ones i’ve been experiencing for years now…amazing, i have often wondered/feared i was only imaging all the links i was seeing in books, movies, themes, ect.

    now i feel an increase of faith in ‘myself’ re: the way these personal ‘memes’ sort of cluster at times…

    one example: “a wrinkle in time”. i received the book for xmas at 10 yrs old and have reread countless times, consider it my fav book of all time…i actually have the original paperback copy – for 39 yrs now…

    hugely symbolic book, subjectively and objectively. if you have not reread, i recommend it, perhaps ,even, i was ‘meant’ to suggest to you/you’re meant to reread it?

    question re simulation – do you think that certain populations might be ‘part’ of the simulation…i mean those whose lives are completely void of opportunity for ‘growth’ as the struggle merely to ‘survive’ is all consuming – i.e. all those starving in africa and such?
    it seems so wrong that they are here merely to spend their lives trying not to die…i wonder if perhaps they are in some way ‘simulated’ as part of our ‘game’, opportunity for people to experience and grow in compassion, empathy, charity….

    i have so much more to say, but brain fog disrupts for now….but…don’t stop writing..don’t stop wondering, don’t doubt your sense of purpose! i know absolutely, you were meant to reassure me in the face of my own self doubt…

    i’ll be waiting for the next installment of ‘messages’ 😉 , (i’ve been looking for something ‘definitive’ to ‘show up’ somewhere, could be here…one never knows …

    • #14The Layman @ 2013-1-15 13:40 Reply

      Hi Carol! Thanks so much for reaching out. I would expect anyone to be having a bit of chronic fatigue after reading my last couple month’s of posts–those were some of my longest and most intense! Seriously though, as I’m sure you realize, it’s your body’s way of saying you need to slow down. I know you’re going through a lot right now, but it can help to see the bigger picture and not forget to take care of yourself.

      As for Wrinkle In Time, I guess you read my Honeycombs post where I mentioned it. If your book is that old, it’s either got the color cover with the green face with red eyes or the brown and yellow cover of the silhouette of the kids standing in spirals. Yeah, that was one of the first sci-fi books I read. Would love to re-read it one day!

      It’s funny that you bring up the simulation populations since it’s actually a major theme of the Layman novels–well, not “simulations” per say. But the protagonist in the book wonders what is real. Is everything an illusion but him like The Truman show, or is everyone in the illusion together like The Matrix. I guess you can also wonder whether even he is an illusion too. I’ve also wondered whether if those who really suffer are actually part of the simulation. I believe that everyone, no matter how challenging their life is, has a path for becoming their greatest self. Heroes do suffer, but intense, incredible suffering, yes, like you I’ve wondered if they aren’t part of the program. I don’t know that I will ever have an answer to that question but will continue gathering evidence nonetheless!

      Rest up and get in touch with your inner strength–it’s now time to put your life lessons into action! The rest is the cocoon you go through before emerging as the butterfly (or phoenix, whichever metaphor you prefer)


  6. #15SortingHat @ 2015-1-17 01:58 Reply

    Now most of the mass conscience is back again to being asleep just as after the Y2K epic fail and things are pointing out to another false flag though I don’t think it’s going to be the USA this time unlike some critics say.

    I think Western Europe is going to be the prime target of something by ISIS most likely some kind of EMP weapon that is launched to high altitudes to shut down technology and the gasline from Russia so people will mass panic and kill each other slowly.

    It takes time to set all this up.

    9/11 seemed to have happen in a flash to most of us but even when it was happening I knew it took years of planning and government ignoring wake up calls to add armored cockpit doors to stop years of violent hijackings. even if nobody is killed in a *traditional* hijacking if such a thing can be called the experience of a violent hijacking and being held for ransom for someone elses crap is life time trauma and in my opinion scarier then slamming an airplane into a building because it lasts so much longer and you are deprived of basic human needs such as food/water and going to the bathroom without permission.

    9/11 for the people in the airplanes if you go by the sketchy official story the scenario for them would’ve been over in a second okay maybe 2 seconds unlike the Palestine hijackings that would last for days! Not just hours but several days of not knowing if you are next to be shot if the hijackers don’t like what they are being told!

    People say 9/11 was the scariest but I call BS on that due to what I said above how regular hijackings often last longer and more drama for those involved where peaceful negotiations can break down in an instant.

    • #16The Layman @ 2015-2-16 01:21 Reply

      Sorting Hat, there are likely many timelines where the scenarios you describe will play out. You decide what timeline to experience by what you focus on. Even though it’s not as exciting, a peaceful future can be an enlightening one worth focusing on.

  7. #17chat.kidstaff.ru @ 2016-9-29 05:56 Reply

    Además segun investigue solo Tabasco, México es legal
    en todo latinoamerica, mas solo en para parejas hombre-mujer.

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