How To Bottle Feed Twins Pts. 1-3


130901LATBC2TwinFeedingThumbnailIn this Layman’s Answers to Baby Care episode*, the Layman shows how to effectively feed twin babies simultaneously! Learn how to mix formula with less gassy bubbles; prepare formula in one daily batch; how to decipher baby babble cues for hunger, burping, and more; times and amount of feedings, options for propping up babies, option for hands-free feeding, burping best practices, easiest ways to record baby feeds, and learn about the Indiana Jones Switcheroo!

How To Bottle Feed Twins: Preparation
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How To Bottle Feed Twins

 How To Bottle Feed Twins: Burping, Clean-up, & Mixing Formula

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Legal Disclaimer: This video is not in any way meant to replace advice, information, or techniques recommended by pediatricians, but as entertaining and helpful tips found to be useful by a layman with personal experience.



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