Lost In Myth: Ep 4.4 “Eggtown”


800px-4x04_Kate_entersI loved this episode, not so much because it was a particularly good episode, which, mythologically speaking, it wasn’t, but because of it’s cool pop culture references. First it had Hurley watching the 1980 cult classic, Xanadu, which was so random, it was hilarious. Secondly, it had Kate using an old cartoon trick to fool Hurley into telling her where Locke was hiding Miles. Upon figuring out that he’d been tricked, Hurley says, “You just totally Scooby-Doo’d me, didn’t you?”

800px-4x04_Kate_AaronAnother reason I loved this episode though, was because of two major plot points that seemingly support the simulation theory, and one that confirmed one of the scenarios mentioned in The Myth of Lost. I’ll start with that one. We find out in this episode that the “him” that Kate had to return to was her baby. While some theories have recently pointed to Ben since learning he’s gotten off the island, because I think he may be in the coffin, this would mess up that theory. In the book, I say it’s all “soap opera stuff” not related to the myth of the show. I still stand by that statement, but Kate’s baby is one of the three possibilities I throw out there for “him”. Of course, technically, baby Aaron isn’t really hers, but that then leads to the question of why Kate would have Claire’s baby, and why she would’ve kept his name. This seems to suggest that either Claire died, she was in severe trouble and needed Kate to care of the child, or, Claire gave the baby to Kate because she was able to leave the island while she couldn’t. I don’t think Kate would have kidnapped Aaron. Especially since she seemed to have no interest in even holding him earlier in the episode.

One of the storylines of the fourth season that seems to hurt The Myth of Lost theory is that Jack and the gang really crashed on Oceanic 815. My answer is that perhaps they really did all get on a plane, and perhaps that plane even crashed, but I don’t believe that this is the plane that crashed on the island. I believe that the plane took them to a place where the simulation facility was located. To cover the tracks of where all these people were, Oceanic crashed the plane and filled it with dummy corpses. It’s very possible that Oceanic is in cahoots with DHARMA or owned by their founders. This scenario would explain why the pilot of the plane—Seth Norris—was said to be in the wreckage when we know that the smoke monster on the island killed him. It’s all just a cover-up. The corpse on the plane is not Seth’s, a fact recognized by fellow Oceanic Airlines pilot Frank Lapidus, who called the airline to alert them to this fact.

So, something fishy is definitely going on. Yet, who can we trust if not the Oceanic Six with their story? Based on this episode, we know we can’t trust them either. While testifying for Kate, Jack completely lies and says that there were only eight initial survivors from the crash. Of course, we know that there were much more than eight survivors, so why’s Jack lying? We can’t trust anything that is being said in these flash-forwards about the crash because apparently the Oceanic Six left under questionable circumstances. We now know that his crash story is just that—a story. It can be complete BS.

My guess is that Ben, and not the Frieghties, got them out, and that they abandoned the rest of the castaways. The Oceanic Six may even realize that the island was just a simulation, and left all the others strapped in while they left. And since they left, they are not cured, explaining why their lives seem to all go sour and return to the same patterns they had before they got there. The other possibility is that the Oceanic Six have all gone offline in the simulation, putting them all into comas. Their adventures in the real world may be off the program grid, or just part of their collective hallucinations (remember, they are all connected). To be cured, they will all need to return to the island so they can eventually be properly ejected from the program.

800px-4x04_KBMThe biggest reveal from this episode that supports my theory though, was when Miles blackmailed Ben for 3.2 million dollars. As the man running the simulation project, he likely has a lot of money. While I no longer believe that he is the program itself, I do think that he had a hand in creating it. And eventually, he became mad with power and took it over. That’s why the Frieghties have come in, they are trying to bring him out so they can save the program. Of course, as one caller theorized on the Jay and Jack podcast, perhaps Miles is the man Ben has on the boat, and he wasn’t really asking Ben for money, he was speaking code. (325° was the bearing that Michael had to follow in the boat to get out according to Ben. This numeral can be seen as 32 with five zeroes which is 3.2 million.)

In a EW.com interview, Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof report that we will know who is in the coffin by the end of the fourth season. They also said that the skeletons would be referenced but we won’t know who they are. They’ve also said that the Lost mobisodes and the Orchid video (with the multiplying rabbits) are within the Lost canon, but—as I’ve said in my book—the video games and Find Flight 815 are not within the canon of the show. In other words, they don’t relate to the show directly.

Marc Oromaner
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