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Diary of a Layman #8 (Autumn 2007): Careful What You Wish For (2007-12-17)

the_truman_show-front_divxWhat if you were the only real person in this world and everyone and everything else was just some kind of simulation created to help give you the experience of your life? There has been at least one Twilight Zone based upon this premise, and the movie, The Truman Show, also explored a similar concept. I wrote about this quite a bit in Layman* and contrasted it to The Matrix myth where everyone is sharing the simulation together. In Layman, the protagonist decides that the world isn’t real, but he can’t decide if it’s all just his dream, or the dream of the entire world. I won’t give away the conclusion he comes to, but I will say that I get the feeling that we’re all sharing a collective dream with bits and pieces that are unique to each of our lives.